The Golf House by Studio 15b

The Golf House by Studio 15b

Architects: Studio 15b
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Christopher Frederick Jones

Finished in late 2014, this new home is situated inside of a set up private suburb of Brisbane over looking a delightful treed green. It has been intended for a golf adoring, resigned couple who like to amuse their substantial family that visit routinely from Brisbane and abroad.


The outline plans to exploit the green standpoint starting as soon as you venture inside the front entryway. Guests are invited with a perspective from the section specifically down the focal point of the outside swimming pool and the treed standpoint past. The passage space separates the home between the private spaces, for example, rooms and bathrooms from the general population zones of open arranged living, feasting and kitchen.


The cleaned timber floor of the section additionally outlines the general population and private spaces and keeps, taking after the perspective, remotely to the pool decking. The twofold volume section space is flanked by a stone clad cutting edge divider with openings surrounded in thick uncovers of timber finish. Abnormal state coating guarantees it is a characteristic light filled space. The additional huge lighting highlight sways inside of the void and gets to be moon-like around evening time.


The Golf House has been planned with electric surrey access from the back of the home specifically onto the course. At the point when putting practice is required there is their very own placing green in the back yard specifically outside the open air engrossing region. It likewise serves to excite the grandchildren and different visitors.


The proprietors see this home as the one they need to live in for whatever length of time that their wellbeing permits. It is hence that a solitary story outline was joined which empowers simplicity of go all through the home with no inner stairs. The last result is one of light filled extravagance, with a casual regular feel of stone, timber and glass that exploits a wonderful treed viewpoint. It has been purposed intended to take this resigned couple long into their existence with a lot of space to captivate along the way while benefitting as much as possible from the green way of life.

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