Oos House by Sanahuja & Partners

Oos House by Sanahuja & Partners

Architects: Sanahuja & Partners
Location: Moraira, Spain
Year: 2014
Area: 250 sqm
Photo courtesy: Lluís Casals

It is a confined house exceptionally impacted by the quirks of the plot where it is embedded. This plot has a profound and askew incline that requires to put the passageway in the most minimal purpose of the street and set the house levels from the start to finish, in spite of normal.


The determined even volume of the room’s piece is saved at a moderate level amidst the plot shaping a predominant stage with the entrance and stopping spot. Under that volume it is laid out an awesome terracing stage which houses the fundamental piece of the project, making it conceivable to have the whole day-utilizing territory at the same level, including porches and pool. From this level whatever is left of the plot keeps running down however controlled with diverse porches made of dry stone dividers, exceptionally trademark in the Alicante country environ.


The palette of materials utilized is minimized seeking improve design dialect to completely upgrade the idea, however without relinquishing the usefulness and suitability of the chose. Inside the solid turns into the hero, as you can discover it in the holding dividers been seen left or the microconcrete completion utilized with the same shading on the asphalt or in precast solid strides of the stairs. Remotely, the white rendering portrays the new volumes, rather than the dry stone brick work in the patios which are requesting the plot.

Oos-House-03 Oos-House-04 Oos-House-05 Oos-House-06 Oos-House-07 Oos-House-08 Oos-House-09 Oos-House-10 Oos-House-11 Oos-House-12 Oos-House-13 Oos-House-14 Oos-House-15 Oos-House-16 Oos-House-17 Oos-House-18 Oos-House-19 Oos-House-20

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