Contemporary Lenzerheide Apartment by Angelo Pozzoli

Contemporary Lenzerheide Apartment by Angelo Pozzoli

Location: Vaz/Obervaz, Switzerland
Year: 2013
Photo courtesy: Massimiliano Morlotti

The apartment is located in a new building in the center of Lenzerheide, renowned and exclusive resort located in the center of the canton of Grisons. The apartment on the top floor has a good exposure to the sun on three sides. The request of the client was simple: a mountain chalet flavor, using natural materials taste warm and soft. The request was to get 2 double rooms with private bath, and a room for children with bathroom … in addition to the living area that includes kitchen, dining area and large lounge area with fireplace.


From the distribution point of view the result has been achieved in fulfilling all requirements. It is, proceeded to delete all boardings and divide spaces through cabinets and walls furniture made ​​of wood. The philosophy of the entire project focuses on the use of three materials that characterize the entire work: 1- The wood- chose the oak is heat treated and “sanded” with which you have made ​​the main elements of the house: the floor, mansard roof and all the furniture (excluding kitchen) in addition to some 2- The stone walls: (gray brushed Tunis) used as a coating material of the walls of the bathrooms and the wall of the living area tv 3- brushed iron: with which they are made ​​of the most characteristic element of furniture.


The choice of this wood and its use for the construction of the roof has facilitated the achievement of my first goal: to have a picture and hot mountain without falling as always in the country. Some choices such as the use of the sheet or the choice of the kitchen made ​​entirely of glass in addition to the use of white as cementino finishing walls “discoveries” in juxtaposition to the wood make this chalet very elegant and welcoming with a modern cut anyway.

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