Ultramodern Villa T by Architrend Architecture

Ultramodern Villa T by Architrend Architecture

Architects: Architrend Architecture
Location: Sicily, Italy
Year: 2006
Area: 3,300 sqft
Photo courtesy: Umberto Agnello

The setting is rural, a level with sandstone dividers to separate the different segments of property. Once stamped by the beneficial stations of the “masserie”, ranches with developed fields and dairy cattle, today the Ibleo domain has changed its look. Rather than scattered farmhouses, detached and separated by farmlands, development has progressively filled spaces, deleting the system of segregated building edifices assembled around patios, similar to ‘pacific fortifications’. By the by, the site of this undertaking has incompletely saved that valuable thought of ‘separation’, and the entire configuration understands this setting, developing an immediate association with the scene, confronted transparently on two sides, while rising up out of it on account of an expressive contemporary outline.


The system of the compositional procedure is that of a huge single-family house, alone at the focal point of a knoll, circumscribed by the free, direct skyline of the level. Here, amidst the verdant landscape, regarded as virgin area for development, the building design emerges unmistakably as a complete element with distinct breaking points. In any case, its fringes are not ‘thoughtful’, they are interested in visual delight in the outside world, through the making of open air living spaces, rooms without dividers that get to be parts of the general arrangement. The association with the setting and the grouping of the three stacked floors depends on a kind of ceaseless structural lace that reinterprets the kind of the Mediterranean home, creating, twisting to frame rooms and the rooftop, open air zones raised from the glade like stages, porches and shades, overhangs and patios.


A strong façade clad in stone, toward the north, is flanked by the symphonious absolute opposite of the southern and eastern façades, completely coated and open to the greenery. They uncover the two-story stature of the living territory, with the mono-bar staircase prompting the first floor, containing a studio zone and a room. The daytime region is joined to the kitchen, situated in the lower volume, while the brilliant living and eating zone stresses the twofold tallness of the development, with its expansive pitched rooftop.


The main room zone with shower and wardrobe is situated behind the living range. The succession living-eating kitchen experiences two open air spaces: on one side, confronting the lounge room, a porch at ground level associate with a recessed yard confronted by the underground spaces, with two rooms and a sanctum, shaded for cool solace. Behind the kitchen, joined by a full-tallness coating, an outside colonnade is similar to a room without dividers, open to the encompassing grass.


The white stucco and stone facings that wrap the compelling geometric outline, highlighted by a red floor marker that interferes with the high corner coating, the planes that join, dynamically, around the inclining rooftop, uncover the quest for a ‘conceivable Mediterranean style’ that pays consideration on nearby history, however without replicating, prepared for experimentation with new potential outcome.

Ultramodern-Villa-T-05 Ultramodern-Villa-T-06 Ultramodern-Villa-T-07 Ultramodern-Villa-T-08 Ultramodern-Villa-T-09 Ultramodern-Villa-T-10 Ultramodern-Villa-T-11 Ultramodern-Villa-T-12 Ultramodern-Villa-T-13 Ultramodern-Villa-T-14 Ultramodern-Villa-T-15 Ultramodern-Villa-T-16 Ultramodern-Villa-T-17 Ultramodern-Villa-T-18 Ultramodern-Villa-T-21 Ultramodern-Villa-T-24 Ultramodern-Villa-T-25 Ultramodern-Villa-T-26 Ultramodern-Villa-T-27 Ultramodern-Villa-T-28 Ultramodern-Villa-T-29 Ultramodern-Villa-T-30


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