Annis Road Two Storey Semi-Detached Luminous House by Scenario Architecture

Annis Road Two Storey Semi-Detached Luminous House by Scenario Architecture

Architects: Scenario Architecture
Location: London, England
Year: 2013
Photo courtesy: Matt Clayton

The property is a two story semi-detached house post war development amidst a line of porch houses. Our clients, a young couple, came to us to renovate the ground floor as the past format was not suitable for their style of living. The regions were dull and isolated and they wound up not utilizing them by any means. The house had already a back low quality and non-protected studio raised three stages from the back patio nursery, and a back expansion with subordinate spaces.


We utilized the front side zone for bike stockpiling with the goal that they would not go the bicycles through the house. The passageway space got upgraded to consider an implicit seat with shoe stockpiling underneath. A covered up when-open flame entryway makes the main boundary with whatever remains of the ground floor open arrangement. The gathering range stayed at the front of the house. The divider beside the already non practical chimney got crushed to take into consideration section and view to the kitchen. The chimney got supplanted with a two sided “window” chimney to permit both the gathering territory and the kitchen to profit by it.


A solitary divider division gives protection to the shower room region on the ground floor and in the meantime goes about as a catwalk on the top for the couple’s two felines with access from the principle staircase going up.


The kitchen floor is brought down to take into consideration a mental partition from whatever is left of the territories and its cleaned concrete with the intelligent surface adds to the encompassing light. A focal island gives some extra work space and adaptability for whatever is left of the space as the kitchen table can slide and stow away in it.


A recently made space by the kitchen is being utilized as a Japanese style seating/work territory more segregated from whatever is left of the territories yet specifically associated in the meantime and can likewise accept different employments. This seating range and the kitchen have now guide association with the patio nursery with two substantial sliding collapsing entryways. The new augmentation consolidates a green rooftop and a vast sky facing window over the seating zone.

Annis-Road-Two-Storey-Semi-Detached-Luminous-House-by-Scenario-Architecture-05 Annis-Road-Two-Storey-Semi-Detached-Luminous-House-by-Scenario-Architecture-06 Annis-Road-Two-Storey-Semi-Detached-Luminous-House-by-Scenario-Architecture-07 Annis-Road-Two-Storey-Semi-Detached-Luminous-House-by-Scenario-Architecture-08 Annis-Road-Two-Storey-Semi-Detached-Luminous-House-by-Scenario-Architecture-09 Annis-Road-Two-Storey-Semi-Detached-Luminous-House-by-Scenario-Architecture-10

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