The Minimalist House I in Akita by Yoshichika Takagi

The Minimalist House I in Akita by Yoshichika Takagi

Architects: Yoshichika Takagi
Location: Akita City, Japan
Area: 1,076 sqft
Photo courtesy: Toshiyuki Yano

The site is in the focal point of Akita City where urban capacities are arranged. Notwithstanding its urban area, this is a unique spot as it is encompassed via auto parks. Considering that the space is presented to open eyes in each of the four headings, it is fundamental to manage the components of security, however in the meantime, our point is to drop frontality from its façade.


So as to keep security, it is sensible to keep the rooms inside of the walled in area, and it likewise assists with the indoor environment in the northern atmosphere. In any case, fenced in area would give a shut feeling, subsequently the errand is to figure out how to design spaces that are sufficiently shut to keep protection and would likewise in the meantime give a broad feeling to the space outside.


To start with, we made a rundown of offices that would require walled in area; kitchen, washroom, latrine, room and storage space, all of which would be encased in box-formed spaces. An accumulation of these spaces are assembled like creases, which make numerous hole regions in different sizes. This unpredictable structure of these hole spaces offers profundity to the entire spot and additionally a hallucination that there is more space past what is unmistakable. The edges introduced in the dividers of the crates cover with each other, and the entire spot resembles a mix of confronting mirrors portraying distinctive landscapes.


We planned this house on basic guidelines in light of 2 elements: rooms that should be encased ought to be kept in boxes and rooms that don’t should be encased are in the holes between boxes. By applying these standards, the space is given a mind boggling structure that gives a sentiment broad space.

The-Minimalist-House-I-in-Akita-04 The-Minimalist-House-I-in-Akita-05 The-Minimalist-House-I-in-Akita-06 The-Minimalist-House-I-in-Akita-07 The-Minimalist-House-I-in-Akita-08 The-Minimalist-House-I-in-Akita-09 The-Minimalist-House-I-in-Akita-10 The-Minimalist-House-I-in-Akita-11 The-Minimalist-House-I-in-Akita-12 The-Minimalist-House-I-in-Akita-13 The-Minimalist-House-I-in-Akita-14 The-Minimalist-House-I-in-Akita-15 The-Minimalist-House-I-in-Akita-32

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