Do You Need to Paint Your House Prior to Selling it?

Do You Need to Paint Your House Prior to Selling it?

If you are considering putting your home on the market, you will need to make a decision whether you will give your home a fresh coat of paint or leave the property as is. Painting your walls is a wonderful way to freshen up your surroundings and is an inexpensive way to impress potential buyers at open houses. Below, we’ve outlined several reasons why you absolutely need to consider painting your walls before listing it publicly.

Initial Impressions Do Matter

When a buyer tours through your property at an open house, a freshly painted space will make a good first impression while highlighting the unique characteristics of your home. Not only does a fresh coat of paint makes your home look cleaner and inviting, but it also helps minimize odors which could turn off shoppers. When a buyer attends a viewing of your home, make sure they get a good first impression from the very start.

Fresh Paint Makes a Home Feel “Well Maintained”

By applying a fresh coat of paint, it will show your buyers that you care about your home and the property will appear nicely organized. If a home has peeling, dry, dirty paint, this will leave a bad impression on buyers and people may think that the home was maintained poorly. Buyers love new paint because it’s move-in ready and is one less cosmetic upgrade they will need to think about, during an already stressful process of buying a home.

New Paint Allows for Great Photography

Photos are everything in real estate. If your photos are unprofessional and feature images of your rooms with outdated or peeling paint, this may interfere with getting more buyers to come through to your open houses and may influence the time it takes you to sell your home. You want to make sure that when buyers are looking at your listing online, the photos appear nice, clean, and modern so that they are encouraged to request more information about the property.

Smelly House? Fresh Paint Can Help!

If your house is experiencing odors, painting the interiors should help mask the various smells. You don’t want your buyers coming to your showings and leaving with a memory of a “bad smell”. This simply will not help you sell your home quicker. Pavel Khaykin, Founder of, a Massachusetts cash for homes company says: “Applying a fresh coat of paint to eliminate any old stains, scuff marks, or scratches will do wonders for your home. If the odors are too strong, you may want to also consider using odor-reducing primer first.”

If you’re wondering whether or not you should consider painting your rooms, you should strongly consider doing so. It’s a very inexpensive project and you could even do it yourself or hire a professional painting company. There are lots of videos on YouTube that explain how to paint and the entire process, so it is fairly easy to learn.

Be sure to stick to neutral colors when choosing paint. Grays and light silver tones are very popular because they make a room look modern while appearing larger at the same time. Stay away from bold colors unless they’re meant to accent or highlight specific architectural features of your property.

By following these simple tips, your home will generate greater interest and help you sell faster.

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