Ways to Get Your Bathroom Looking Fresh and Clean

Ways to Get Your Bathroom Looking Fresh and Clean


It’s no secret that since lockdown began, being stuck staring at the same four walls has inspired many of us to channel our inner interior designers to spruce up our homes. In fact, a recent report revealed that with most of the nation stuck indoors, UK homeowners spent a whopping £55 billion on renovations to create their perfect property.

While 27% wanted to increase the value of their home, a much larger 63% of us chose to redecorate purely to make our homes more comfortable, whilst spending more time within them.

The first question that almost always springs to mind when redecorating is, “where to begin?” but perhaps one of the most overlooked, yet simpler, rooms to tackle first is the bathroom. Here are some top tips on how to get your bathroom looking fresh and revived with little to no effort.

1. Declutter

Sometimes it can be difficult to realise just how much clutter within our homes can affect us. Recent psychology studies at Princeton and the University of California revealed that when our surroundings feel over-crowded, it can make us feel more anxious and stressed.

With toiletries, tubes of toothpaste, and loo rolls galore, it’s easy to see how our bathrooms can quickly go from a gleaming tiled sanctuary to a cluster of clutter.

By simply cutting back to just the essentials, we can create a more spacious and stress-free feel in our bathrooms.

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2. Add a Splash of Paint

One of the oldest, yet most effective tricks in the decorating book is repainting.

It’s amazing how a small splash of paint can have a huge impact on a room. It can instantly turn a dull and dated room into a freshly elevated and tranquil space, with just a few strokes of a paintbrush.

Always bear in mind that when choosing a paint for your bathroom to go for something durable, washable and wipeable so that it’s easy for you to maintain over time.

3. Furnishings

One final tip for sprucing up your bathroom is adding extra furnishings. Consider your colour scheme when choosing these. This could be anything from a cosy bathmat to add warmth, or wooden shelves or baskets to inject a touch of texture to the room – not to mention handy storage space to help with the decluttering! Combining different tones and textures will give a fresh and finished feel to your revamped and revitalised bathroom.

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