Armadale House 1 by Mitsouri Architects

Armadale House 1 by Mitsouri Architects

Architects: Mitsouri Architects
Location: Armadale, Melbourne, Australia
Year: 2015
Area: 3,229 sqft / 300 sqm
Photo courtesy: Michael Kai Photography

This undertaking included renovation and expansion of a current legacy home in Armadale. The brief called for exquisite and striking contemporary outline answer for change this twofold fronted Victorian style house into a liberal family home.


The configuration idea proposed a sculptural two level expansion which unites flawlessly toward the north-bound arranged patio, porch and greenhouse. Extraordinary thought was given to safeguarding the recorded streetscape, with the new expansion isolated from the current building by a coated walkway to give an extensive misfortune that guarantees it is not seen from the road.


A progression of straightforward collapsed planes have been used to characterize spaces, control perspectives, shade windows, and eloquent the type of the building to diminish the visual effect of the first floor when seen from the back greenhouse.

Armadale-House-1-by-Mitsouri-Architects-03 Armadale-House-1-by-Mitsouri-Architects-04 Armadale-House-1-by-Mitsouri-Architects-05 Armadale-House-1-by-Mitsouri-Architects-06 Armadale-House-1-by-Mitsouri-Architects-07 Armadale-House-1-by-Mitsouri-Architects-08 Armadale-House-1-by-Mitsouri-Architects-09 Armadale-House-1-by-Mitsouri-Architects-10 Armadale-House-1-by-Mitsouri-Architects-11 Armadale-House-1-by-Mitsouri-Architects-12 Armadale-House-1-by-Mitsouri-Architects-13 Armadale-House-1-by-Mitsouri-Architects-14

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