Priceless Milano Pop-up Restaurant by PARK ASSOCIATI

Priceless Milano Pop-up Restaurant by PARK ASSOCIATI

Location: Milan, Italy
Year: 2015
Area: max 1000 sqft / 92 sqm
Photo courtesy: Andrea Martiradonna

Invaluable Milano is a brief establishment, a living unit intended to be moved around and set on existing structures in exceptionally noticeable areas. The occasion, which MasterCard has incorporated into its ‘Precious Cities’ undertaking – a broad visitor advancement program on an inconceivable scale in real worldwide cities – was overseen by the organization 4Ward Events.


Intended to be utilized as an eatery and substantially more, the structure will be introduced on top of Palazzo Beltrami in Piazza della Scala, Milan. This voyaging eatery idea has been produced by MasterCard for EXPO 2015 and for the ‘EXPO in città’ venture with the picked area being on the top of Palazzo Beltrami, home of the Gallerie d’Italia and Intesa Sanpaolo Museum Center in Piazza della Scala. 4Ward was appointed to devise and arrange the task, which will empower Priceless Milano to offer an interesting vantage point sitting above Piazza della Scala and right over the city of Milan from the housetop of Palazzo Beltrami. This celebrated area as of now holds the accumulations of present day and contemporary craftsmanship that used to have a place with the Banca business Italiana and which, together with takes a shot at presentation in the contiguous structures Palazzo Anguissola and Palazzo Brentani, committed to nineteenth century workmanship, constitute an exceptionally prestigious gathering that is a genuine universal vacation spot.


The eatery is outlined like a kind of voyaging gastronomic theater, a ‘Carro di Tespi’ (voyaging dramatic organization ) at which driving gourmet specialists from everywhere throughout the world are welcome to hotshot their abilities on a rotational premise amid cooking shows held before visitors. The compositional configuration of the structure, bearing the mark of the construction modeling and plan firm Park Associati, is an exceptionally unmistakable however not over-forcing structure that stands up to instead of slams into encompassing premises.


One single table will oblige 24 coffee shops occupied with an interesting knowledge; for the event sliding dividers can be utilized to particular the kitchen region from the feasting zone. The table lifts up to the roof and the space can be totally opened up. Window-entryways giving access to the outside porch have been put along the longest sides of the eating territory.


Invaluable Milano won’t just host an eatery. Every week all through the entire of EXPO 2015 there will be diverse topics and patterns centering around an enthusiasm for good tastes and flavors. Meetings and confirmations will give a novel sort of narrating about the occasion that will be show on different media channels.


Its twist off as far as picture for both the city of Milan and EXPO will be further reverberated by MasterCard’s correspondence channels, which will advance the occasion globally as a component of its Priceless Cities program.


Precious Milano will be open each day, including weekends and occasions, from sixth May to the end of October. The eatery must be occupied online through the site, where all the data about the area and occasions will be available.

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