Carroll Gardens Townhouse by Lang Architecture

Carroll Gardens Townhouse by Lang Architecture

Architects: Lang Architecture
Location: Brooklyn, New York City, USA
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Ty Cole Photography

This 4 story Italianate line house was changed over from a three family to a solitary family house with unique inside subtle elements precisely restored.


The patio nursery floor highlights an office and lair, the parlor floor has a family room with custom seat by the window at the front and a kitchen and new steel overhang at the back. The kitchen has uniquely painted cupboards and long tight table. New steel windows with tight subdivisions at the back of the house supplement the thin tasteful of the overhang balustrade and cupboards.


The fine wood period stair has been restored and prompts the room floors. The main room sits above the road, with a liberal changing area and washroom suite at the back. The restroom highlights custom steel and wood allotments, giving a warm supplement to marble section and tile. The top floor highlights two kids rooms flanking the stair lobby and restroom. The washroom is done with white artistic metro tiles and cast-iron installations.

Carroll-Gardens-Townhouse-by-Lang-Architecture-03 Carroll-Gardens-Townhouse-by-Lang-Architecture-04 Carroll-Gardens-Townhouse-by-Lang-Architecture-05 Carroll-Gardens-Townhouse-by-Lang-Architecture-06 Carroll-Gardens-Townhouse-by-Lang-Architecture-07 Carroll-Gardens-Townhouse-by-Lang-Architecture-08 Carroll-Gardens-Townhouse-by-Lang-Architecture-09 Carroll-Gardens-Townhouse-by-Lang-Architecture-10 Carroll-Gardens-Townhouse-by-Lang-Architecture-11 Carroll-Gardens-Townhouse-by-Lang-Architecture-12 Carroll-Gardens-Townhouse-by-Lang-Architecture-13 Carroll-Gardens-Townhouse-by-Lang-Architecture-14 Carroll-Gardens-Townhouse-by-Lang-Architecture-15 Carroll-Gardens-Townhouse-by-Lang-Architecture-16 Carroll-Gardens-Townhouse-by-Lang-Architecture-17 Carroll-Gardens-Townhouse-by-Lang-Architecture-18 Carroll-Gardens-Townhouse-by-Lang-Architecture-19 Carroll-Gardens-Townhouse-by-Lang-Architecture-20 Carroll-Gardens-Townhouse-by-Lang-Architecture-21 Carroll-Gardens-Townhouse-by-Lang-Architecture-22 Carroll-Gardens-Townhouse-by-Lang-Architecture-23

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