P2 House Poseidon by Domenack arquitectos

P2 House Poseidon by Domenack arquitectos

Architects: Domenack Arquitectos
Location: Pucusana District, Peru
Year: 2012
Area: 4,844 sqft / 450 sqm
Photo courtesy: Juan Solano Ojasi

The venture is situated in one of the most elevated regions of the precipice that characterizes the land profile of the narrows. The territory’s precarious geography has two normal access focuses, from the front (most reduced point) and back (most noteworthy point).


The most elevated point was gotten to the house, where the stopping range, primary and administration doorways were set. The passageway corridor and social center of the house was outlined a large portion of a story underneath, in the middle of the main room range situated on the top floor and the youngsters rooms territory situated on the base floor. The main room region hoovers over the sound while the kids’ region open up to private and free porches characterized by the territory’s rough profile.


The house’s utilitarian appropriation permits folks, situated on the top floor, and kids, situated on the base floor, to have supreme closeness and freedom if required while getting a charge out of the aggregate family life in the social region that is considered as a meeting point as well as the component that verbalizes the undertaking.


From the outside, the house is seen as a hermetic structure, while from the inside the discernment is inversed, liberally opening up to the different visuals of the encompassing environment.

P2-House-Poseidon-by-Domenack-arquitectos-04 P2-House-Poseidon-by-Domenack-arquitectos-05 P2-House-Poseidon-by-Domenack-arquitectos-06 P2-House-Poseidon-by-Domenack-arquitectos-07 P2-House-Poseidon-by-Domenack-arquitectos-08 P2-House-Poseidon-by-Domenack-arquitectos-09 P2-House-Poseidon-by-Domenack-arquitectos-10 P2-House-Poseidon-by-Domenack-arquitectos-11 P2-House-Poseidon-by-Domenack-arquitectos-12 P2-House-Poseidon-by-Domenack-arquitectos-13 P2-House-Poseidon-by-Domenack-arquitectos-14 P2-House-Poseidon-by-Domenack-arquitectos-15 P2-House-Poseidon-by-Domenack-arquitectos-16 P2-House-Poseidon-by-Domenack-arquitectos-17 P2-House-Poseidon-by-Domenack-arquitectos-18 P2-House-Poseidon-by-Domenack-arquitectos-19 P2-House-Poseidon-by-Domenack-arquitectos-20

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