SP House by Yulie Wollman

SP House by Yulie Wollman

Architects: Yulie Wollman
Location: Herzliyya, Israel
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Yulie Wollman

The house is composed with streaming components from floor to roof and one end to the other, hence leaving no specialty or furniture hanging and hurting the progression and no superfluous components hurting the arrangement.


The hues that were picked support this main too. The monochromatic shades of dark Gray and white underline the perfect and cutting edge lines. For instance the material decided for the passageway corridor join regular oak , a whole divider covered with dark glass and dim stone floors.


The blend of exact materials utilized for every component adds to a feeling of amicability. For instance, the staircase made of wood and iron shows a contention of strengths and components. The routines for stairs rising up out of the divider are withdrawn and highlighted by a component of light making a fantasy of the levitation of the overwhelming and light mass at the same time.

SP-House-by-Yulie-Wollman-03 SP-House-by-Yulie-Wollman-04 SP-House-by-Yulie-Wollman-05 SP-House-by-Yulie-Wollman-06 SP-House-by-Yulie-Wollman-07 SP-House-by-Yulie-Wollman-08 SP-House-by-Yulie-Wollman-09 SP-House-by-Yulie-Wollman-10 SP-House-by-Yulie-Wollman-11 SP-House-by-Yulie-Wollman-12 SP-House-by-Yulie-Wollman-13 SP-House-by-Yulie-Wollman-14 SP-House-by-Yulie-Wollman-15 SP-House-by-Yulie-Wollman-16 SP-House-by-Yulie-Wollman-17 SP-House-by-Yulie-Wollman-18 SP-House-by-Yulie-Wollman-19 SP-House-by-Yulie-Wollman-20 SP-House-by-Yulie-Wollman-21 SP-House-by-Yulie-Wollman-22 SP-House-by-Yulie-Wollman-23 SP-House-by-Yulie-Wollman-24 SP-House-by-Yulie-Wollman-25

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