Siri House by IDIN Architects

Siri House by IDIN Architects

Architects: IDIN Architects
Location: Suriya Wong, Bang Rak, Bangkok, Thailand
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Spaceshift

SIRI is a redesign task of business building. It is both a house and an office of adornments business which fits in with the family’s third sister. The house is not just for the huge family with 4 siblings sisters, additionally for the future expansion of relatives, so extensive utility space is important. The site is two indistinguishable business structures with narrowing inside.


The configuration is to use the space in which each unit for every relative would be a minimal private house involving rest region, storeroom, rooms and in addition parlor with open well.


Every unit is twofold leveled with isolated access. The lift is at the back which is independently available to every unit. The top level is the principle front room and lounge area for the gang. Focal center and also the back of the house are opened to permit sunshine drawing nearer to all levels.


Additionally, a major tree in the house gives sentiment nature. The relatives can see development of one another throughout the day through the focal center. The outside was composed brilliantly to the territory of units inside, and additionally the association of units to one another and to the top level.

Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-04 Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-05 Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-06 Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-07 Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-08 Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-09 Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-10 Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-11 Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-12 Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-13 Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-14 Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-15 Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-16 Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-17 Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-18 Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-19 Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-20 Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-21 Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-22 Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-23 Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-24 Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-25 Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-26 Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-27 Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-28 Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-29 Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-30 Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-31 Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-32 Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-33 Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-34 Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-35 Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-36 Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-37 Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-38 Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-39 Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-40 Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-41 Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-42 Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-43 Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-44 Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-45 Siri-House-by-IDIN-Architects-46

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