Elegant one-bedroom apartment in Kiev by Absolute Interior Decor

Elegant one-bedroom apartment in Kiev by Absolute Interior Decor

Architects: Absolute Interior Decor
Location: Obolom, Kiev, Ukraine
Year: 2015
Area: 818 sqft / 76 sqm
Photo courtesy: Absolute Interior Decor

Mila Podiablonska of Absolute Interior Décor was requested that outline a brand recently assembled one room seventh floor flat on the banks of the Dnieper River in Obolom, Kiev, Ukraine prepared for a top of the line rental customer.


On section into the flat a couple of bronze obliqisks stand like troopers with lillies planted inside the top. Above sit a couple of bella vista lume divider lamps to light the passageway corridor. As you walk towards the principle ways to the condo a marvelous powder room is situated to one side and is an essence of what lies ahead. A couple of bespoke dark created iron entryways uncover an open arrangement condo with 3 unmistakable zones flanked by two windows bearing perspective to the Moscow Bridge and past.


Despite the fact that fresh out of the box new and compositionally planned the flat felt littler than it ought to, so Mila most importantly considered how she could make it bigger. By joining a small overhang space into the eating range she expanded the aggregate square footage from 72 to 76 square meters (775 to 818 square feet).


Knowing she couldn’t expand the square footage any further Mila chose to utilize a bronze mirror on the whole kitchen divider to outwardly twofold the living space and make the figment of the kitchen and the condo being bigger than it truly is. Utilizing bronze mirror warms the space up as opposed to consistent mirrors will could feel frosty. The open arrangement kitchen living and eating space then were characterized by zone floor coverings and bespoke components, for example, the bespoke tree with glass pendants which mollify a generally hard edge divider which couldn’t be uprooted as it was basic between the eating and kitchen territories.


The thought of the tree was first considered by Mila on a visit to Milan. She saw a littler tree which was to a greater degree a twig and she thought it made a dazzling enhancing piece so she chose to contact the maker and make it work for this space. At the point when the eating table candles are lit the space feels enchanted because of the glass pendants says Mila.


Pictures of Kate Moss and lady in cover enhance the dividers and set the tone. Seating confronting one another on an expansive carpet made the living territories. A huge Alibaba dim mocca recolored wood end table isolates the couch and seats and is sufficiently huge to hold a variety of articles, books and blossoms.


Bespoke walnut entryways decorated with gold studs to the room and mater washroom characterize the resting and showering territories. Access to the main lavatory was keenly hidden behind a bespoke fitted closet. Like every new form the room sizes can be testing so outlining a mass of closets over the way to the room implied Mila could leave whatever remains of the floor space to the quaint little inn tables.


Space is a sumptuous ware so giving the sentiment space notwithstanding when it’s not by any stretch of the imagination there is was my top need for this venture. The finished result is an outline that functions admirably for the proprietor and expands the estimation of the condo.

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