Hello Wood 2020 Theme – Superposición

About Hello Wood

Hello Wood Studio is based in Budapest and started out as an art camp in 2008. Since then, it has grown into a global hub for architects, designers and woodworkers who are focused on designing and building custom-made, temporary and site-specific installations that people can use and enjoy.

Hello Wood is today not only a creative architecture and design studio, but also an educational platform that allows professionals in the field to dialogue and experiment.

Driven by innovation, social responsibility and a great passion for unique designs, the studio works with wood and other sustainable materials to create eco-friendly and socially relevant projects that express an artistic side.

About Superposición Theme

Team: Hello Wood Argentina organizers: Bea Palacio, Mercedes Palacio, Jerónimo Fanelli, Marcos Llerena
Hello Wood Hungary owners: Andras Huszar, Peter Pozsar, David Raday, Krisztian Toth

Argentinean Edition of Hello Wood

The Argentinean edition of Hello Wood international summer festival for architecture has ended. The Budapest-based studio – which has attracted the attention of such legendary architects in the last few years as Urban Think-Tank from Zürich or Kengo Kuma from Japan – can proudly say that one of Europe’s leading architectural summer universities has become an export, along with their teaching methods.

For 4 years now, following the Hungarian model, the Argentinian partners, the MANDARINA design agency and TACADI architecture studio (Bea Palacio, Mercedes Palacio, Jerónimo Fanelli, Marcos Llerena) organize Hello Wood Argentina.

One of the Hello Wood founders, David Raday declares: “We are proud to be able to spread our knowledge, experience and inspiration in an international environment as initiators of a Hungarian project. The Lollapalooza Argentina festival also exhibits the artworks from year to year so tens of thousands of people can see the installations in close-up. “.

Great learning-by-doing experience

During the one-week camp, students could experience not only an intense community experience but also a learning-by-doing methodology at Ceibas, 160 kilometers from Buenos Aires. Hello Wood claims to form ”doer” future generations by teaching students in presence- and action-oriented situations result in socially aware, civically engaged professionals.

Superpositions – Overlaps – the theme of this year

Installations were made during week 11  and they were led by workshop leaders from Argentina, Brazil, the Netherlands, Paraguay and Uruguay. The theme of this year’s camp was the Superpositions, ie. Overlaps. The program provides a unique opportunity to connect generations of architects with different professional and cultural backgrounds through construction, knowledge sharing and innovative thinking, making overlapping concepts, materials and experiences an essential part of Hello Wood.

In conclusion

The atmosphere within the team seems to be a great one. The team travels each winter to the countryside to enjoy some quality time and to unwind. The international campsites provide a great space for creativity and work in a festival setting with music, dancing and great conversation. Young architects will surely find new ideas and inspiration while they get to know other professionals from their field. In fact, it’s a great opportunity to explore no matter your age or background.

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