Hawthorn House by Chan Architecture

Hawthorn House by Chan Architecture

Architects: Chan Architecture
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Folded Bird Photography – Brendan Finn

Redesigning and augmenting a run of the mill Victorian patio dependably represents an one of a kind arrangement of difficulties. The pieces are regularly long and contract, with a symmetrical course of action of period-style rooms at the front of the house isolated by a focal hallway, driving out to a little shelter structure that was normally developed in the 1960s and 70s. This makes a house that has the “decent” some portion of the house at the front, though the back living spaces are regularly little, dim, cramped and frequently ungracefully arranged.


So the principle challenges with any augmentation, for example, this are firstly how to consistently move from the old piece of the house to the new, and how to make a feeling of roominess and light in the new living spaces, whilst ledge regarding the first building.


Our methodology was to firstly isolate the new and the old by means of the insertion of a dark timber-lined box, containing the two bathrooms on both sides got to through concealed entryways. This made an unmistakable visual break between the new and the old, and also make a feeling of show when one strolls through the dim hall with the brought down roof into the new light-filled living space.


The new living region opens up towards the patio nursery, by means of a raked roof and completely openable stacker ways to permit the lawn to be a piece of the house, permit daylight to enter into the living spaces in the winter months, and take into consideration normal ventilation to gone through the whole house.


Whilst the living, feasting and kitchen territories are a piece of the same territory, they have been characterized by the pendant light fittings, furniture and delicate floor decorations.


The material palette was deliberately given non-abrasiveness and warmth to the perfect lines of the configuration, by utilizing regular materials, for example, plywood on the roof, the transparent cloth window ornaments and the blackbutt flooring. In the meantime the itemizing was deliberately considered by means of disguised pelmets for decorations and lighting, hid fixings of roof linings, deck and joinery, and insignificant utilization of handles in order to not occupy from the structure and articulation of the configuration.


From a maintainability point of view, uninvolved configuration standards were received all through, including shaded twofold coated windows toward the north counteracting warmth in the mid year and permitting daylight in the winter, expansive openable windows on inverse finishes of the house for normal ventilation, reusing water from the rooftop and clothing, sun oriented boards to create power and broad protection and fixing to avoid heat misfortune. This all joins to make an abode that requires no manufactured warming or cooling.


Frequently the least complex ideas require the most thought to permit the thoughts to move through from the general vision to the littlest points of interest. Straightforward clean lines with precisely point by point intersections, an adjusted choice of materials and hues, appropriate introduction and reconciliation of supportability standards can make a home that is advanced, agreeable, and in particular, bearable.

Hawthorn-Extension-08 Hawthorn-Extension-09 Hawthorn-Extension-10 Hawthorn-Extension-11 Hawthorn-Extension-12 Hawthorn-Extension-13 Hawthorn-Extension-14 Hawthorn-Extension-15 Hawthorn-Extension-16 Hawthorn-Extension-17 Hawthorn-Extension-18


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