SPLIT House by Superkül Architects

SPLIT House by Superkül Architects

Architects: Superkül Architects
Location: Toronto, Canada
Year: 2010
Area: 3,000 sqft
Photo courtesy: Shai Gil

Split in arrangement and segment, the parti of the house takes into account a surge of light to the middle. The house is outlined as space for display – the proprietors are normal hosts of their expansive system of loved ones, and they needed a spot that could feel fantastic. The trap with this was to make a house that could likewise feel cozy for when they were all alone.


A rich cocoa wood floor that interfaces with the ipe deck outside serves as a counterpoint to the high roofs of the primary space, and join within to the outside. This, in mix with the configuration of littler more personal spaces and minutes all through the ground floor make for a house that is just as useful for two as it is for 30.


From the inside the house has perspectives of the sky and the area, and a solid association with the scene and pool out back. The utilization of a buff hued block and ipe siding make for a warm outside material palette.

SPLIT-House-03 SPLIT-House-04 SPLIT-House-05 SPLIT-House-06 SPLIT-House-08 SPLIT-House-09 SPLIT-House-11 SPLIT-House-12 SPLIT-House-13 SPLIT-House-14

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