Top 6 DIY ideas for Living Room’s Decor

Top 6 DIY ideas for Living Room’s Decor


Your home is the place where you feel most comfortable in which every wall resembles your selection, and every decoration gives you immense pleasure.

The living room is the most amazing place in your home where you spend most of the time. It’s high time to make the room more alluring and fascinating.

Here is the list of Top 6 DIY ideas for improvising the living room appearance and architecture. Adding the custom canvas prints on walls is the most suggestable method which enhances the elegance of the walls. Hence, The topmost of the list starts with the canvas prints.


  1. Gentle Palette design

color your home with one paint color throughout, it not only gives you a classic look but also let the vibes flow from room-to-room.

The interior designers suggest that to paint your home in a single color or to add upon the deepening shades of the blue and gray depending on the light fall through across the rooms.

It’s better to try the softest hue in the room, which suits the abundant natural light. This soft look makes everyone gaze at your interior.


  1. Personalize Your Walls

The quality pictures of your family further enlighten the room decoration. They give you a sense of relaxation with amazing memories of your heart. You can opt CanvasPop’s custom canvas prints service of different styles. Canvas prints are the latest wall decoration services for adding up the beauty to all different wall textures.

Their best version comes with the museum-quality canvas consistent poly-cotton blend matte canvas features an acid-free, neutral pH coating without any additives or agents. It can have a lifetime of 100 years, thus guaranteeing you’ll treasure your prints for a lifetime. You can check here for more information on CanvasPop’s website.

Top 6 DIY ideas for Living Room's Decor

  1. An Entire Gallery of DIY Art

The other best idea is to DIY Black Gold Gallery Wall. Check the unique possible ways to cover the wall with your pictures with a black background that ended with a gold lining.

For this first cut the paper to the size of your frame. Then, tape it on the wall. It’s the best approach to cover the empty space over the wall and to give you a rich outlook.

It is the easiest and most opted way to make your living room blushed with your memories. Hang the pictures which you need to carefully hang from the top and then to bottom with a proper arrangement of all the picture frames. Make sure it looks like a large picture frame.

Then add upon the golden outframe for better appearance.


  1. Black& White Memories Lampshade

It’s a unique way to display your pictures. To make all you need is a tracing paper printer

A lamp and lampshade and the Scotch tape.

At first, check out the dimensions of the pictures with the lamp and tracing paper you are provided with. It’s better for your photos to be in black and white to give a more polished looking lamp.

After measuring your lamp, paper, and designing your collage, cut the vellum or tracing paper as per the dimensions so as to fit into the printer.

Print the photos on the tracing paper and ensure all the measurements are precise. Cover up the lamp with all these photos and switch it on. Here comes the photo lamp! In the black and white passion.


  1. Scalloped Pillowcases

Bored with your routine pillows over the sofa? Try something new with this scalloped pillowcase, which attracts everyone.

From the name, I did not mention any seafood or the sea stuff related to it. It’s a DIY craft to make a pillow of that model. For this, you need a felt pillowcase and a pencil, scissors, a small drinking glass, and fabric glue.

Place the drinking glass in the size of your choosing onto a sheet of felt and trace around the bottom with a pencil. Now cut along the edges of the path traced and made as many circles as possible in different pigments.

Make sure all the circles are of the same size, Arrange the circles across the pillowcase to check out for the spacing.

Start with the first top row, placing one circle right next to the other. For the second row, offset the circles. Check whether next row circles overlap the circles with the first row to create the scallop shape.

Repeat the process until it reaches the last row. For the sides, cut several circles in half and arrange them around the edges. Use fabric glue and make it glued row by row. Make sure it has dried well for a day. Then, the scalloped pillowcase is ready to decorate your room.


  1. DIY Painted Iron Wall Plaque

This iron wall plaque allures everyone with it’s the ardent outlook. The black and white presence turns the room amazing!

For this, you require Chalked Paint (linen), Chalked Paint (charcoal), Paint Brush. Paint the colors which have chosen earlier. Use the chalked paint to create a distressed/worn look on the plaque.

These colors and patterns remind you of the black and white Spanish tile. This iron wall plaque finally turns into more amazing and alluring.

The living room is the social center of every home, and it is the place where we spent the most time. So decorating it with the new DIY crafts brings up the beauty to your home.

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