Cobogó House by Studio MK27

Cobogó House by Studio MK27

Architects: Studio MK27
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Year: 2011
Area: 1,000 sqm
Photo courtesy: Nelson Kon

The light of the bottomless tropical Sun falls on the white volume of the top floor of the house, infiltrating the openings of the emptied components and covering the floor of the inside space. Hence, the configuration of spatialized trim is framed from the shadows and sunlight based beams. The impact is increased all through the surrounding, making a development from the light itself. Consistently, consistently, the emptied out components tackle diverse structures with the occurrence of the sun; during the evening, this impact at the end of the day is changed; in a constant procedure of transformation, its structure changes from the light.


The delicate volumetric geometry of the emptied out components containing the dividers is a perplexing development, made with endless bended lines. The secluded component, a show-stopper, was composed by the Austrian-American Erwin Hauer who, since 1950, has considered and made figures for design space. His moderate components dialog with the construction modeling and help us to remember a few hints of Brazilian cutting edge structural engineering. The bended lines, planned with flawlessness gesture to the building design of Brasilia by Niemeyer; moreover, the solid modules slip from the Cobogós, which loans its name to the house, made in Recife and diffused by Lucio Costa in sensitive references to pioneer construction modeling.


The Cobogó House is a current house in which the specialty of Erwin Hauer can be utilized normally, as a piece of the whole structural engineering. In the play of mounting unadulterated volumes, made of white spackling glue, cement and wood; lies, together with the patio cultivate, the volume developed from the emptied components by Erwin Hauer. Inside this space, there is a various use lounge room and a little spa.


On the ground floor the lounge join completely with the greenhouse, where there is a little manufactured lake. Fish and plants keep up the organic parity of the pool without the utilization of substance items that pounce upon the earth. This natural thought saturated the whole venture which fused standards of supportability built up by unbending models, like affirmations. In the house, there is an extraordinary worry to utilize reusing mechanical assembly and lessen water utilization; excuse and sort out the development to minimize the effects; use gadgets for vitality effectiveness and enhancement; introduce sunlight based warming plaques; other than utilizing just ensured, reused or environmentally amend material. The utilization of this information together with construction modeling that regards the neighborhood atmosphere brought about a house having phenomenal inward solace.


In both the back family room, which on one side opens to a vast front greenhouse and on the other to a yard of trees, and the rooms, the inward ambients are shaded by wooden mashrabiyas that make conceivable great ventilation with inner shading. The boards can open totally as can the floor-to-roof sliding glass entryways, weakening, along these lines, the move in the middle of inward and outer space. On the last floor, the show-stopper considered as design space is the image of the house which, pretty much as the huge Jabuticabeira of the greenery enclosure, develops a particular space and a reflexive environment that conjures a brief pensive silence.

Cobogo-House-01-2 Cobogo-House-01-3 Cobogo-House-01-4 Cobogo-House-01 Cobogo-House-02-1 Cobogo-House-02-2 Cobogo-House-02-3 Cobogo-House-02-4 Cobogo-House-02-5 Cobogo-House-02 Cobogo-House-03-1 Cobogo-House-03-2 Cobogo-House-03-3 Cobogo-House-03-4 Cobogo-House-03-5 Cobogo-House-03 Cobogo-House-04 Cobogo-House-05-1 Cobogo-House-05-2 Cobogo-House-05 Cobogo-House-06-1 Cobogo-House-06 Cobogo-House-07 Cobogo-House-08-1 Cobogo-House-08-2 Cobogo-House-08 Cobogo-House-10-1 Cobogo-House-10-2 Cobogo-House-10 Cobogo-House-11 Cobogo-House-12 Cobogo-House-13-1 Cobogo-House-13-2 Cobogo-House-13 Cobogo-House-41 Cobogo-House-42 Cobogo-House-43

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