Le François-René home in Montreal by Maître Carré

Le François-René home in Montreal by Maître Carré

Architects: Maître Carré
Location: Montreal, Canada
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Adrien Williams

The François-René venture, on Châteaubriand Avenue in Montreal’s Rosemont-Petite-Patrie neighborhood, brags six uncommon, altogether contemporary habitations. Montreal is amidst an apartment suite blast, and designer Maître Carré has tackled the mission of bringing an imaginative and manageable much needed refresher to the business.




The task is set in the midst of a customary streetscape of appended duplexes and triplexes. Standard zoning for the territory would have took into account two new triplexes. Maître Carré and Architecture Open Form split far from that limitation and proposed a striking new arrangement. The outcome: three two-story townhouses with storm cellars, finished by three apartment suites each with a mezzanine and housetop porch.


Urban solace and a sound domain

This multi-unit private undertaking meets the most elevated models of development quality and supportability, giving youthful families a solid and charming environment in the heart of the city.


Resounding the solace of the rural single-family home, each townhouse has a storm cellar, a yard with a wooden deck and a garden, shed and private parking spot, all alluring however uncommon components in city homes. The units are additionally completely wired for a discretionary electric-vehicle charging station. Numerous strides were likewise taken to enhance vitality proficiency and maintainability, so that the residences have Novoclimat 2.0 accreditation, showing consistence with a high government-set standard.


To enhance the solace of every home while decreasing vitality costs, Maître Carré picked characteristic gas for apparatuses and warming, making the François-René the main Novoclimat 2.0-affirmed advancement to utilize that fuel.


Building an identity

Dissimilar to today’s dull private advancements, regularly based on a tight spending plan, the François-René undertaking was a play area for individuals with a profound energy for contemporary engineering, where imagination and inventiveness were permitted a lot of space to prosper. A few outside and inside subtle elements are hand crafted, profiting by a building approach and level of thought normally saved for single-family homes.


The façade uncovers a powerful urge to impart a contemporary character through the outline of the brickwork and stairs. These two structural components succeeded in building up their own particular identity, giving the task its interesting character while agreeing to strict regulations intended to guarantee consistency with Montreal’s manufactured legacy.


The light dark chestnut block is tempered by a header format, an inventive approach to separate the consistency of the façade while saving a streamlined style that conforms to building codes. Rather than the elaborate wood of conventional cornices, there is an unpretentious game plan of header blocks laid oppositely (with the short side appearing) and marginally recessed. The same treatment offers assortment to the austere northern side of the building, which is very noticeable from the road, where it is even conceivable to see the profile of within staircase. In conclusion, with its reverse (projecting) design the composition of the block denote the limit between the townhouses and the apartment suites above.


The stairs, hand crafted and worked by the modelers – an uncommon component in multi-unit improvements – incorporate a 90-degree swing to capitalize on the constrained space accessible. Accordingly, each townhouse has a little front yard. The punctured aluminum railings are a contemporary different option for created press, and are intended to be suitable for climbing vegetation that gives essentialness, protection, regular air filtration and commotion decrease.


Openness and security

The German-made triple-coated windows give both sonic and warm protection. While outside clamor is not welcome inside, normal light is the visitor of honor. The extensive, liberal windows have an assortment of shapes and are intended to advance the measure of characteristic light that enters, upgrading the tenants’ prosperity. Depressed wall run the whole width of the building’s front and back, to give the cellars a sentiment openness.


Townhouse life by and large accompanies a feeling of closeness and the sharing of basic spaces. Not in the François-René venture. Exceptional consideration was given to security, private property and the sentiment being at home. Each of the six units has its own passageway; there are no common doors. Every unit has its own deck or porch, isolated by a wood divider. While the townhouse yards verge on the back rear way, the apartment suite porches are mindfully put in the city side, giving every level its own particular private open air space.


Resisting tradition, Maître Carré and Architecture Open Form have made a multi-unit private venture that uses inventiveness to meet current principles and desires for engineering and manageability, giving an answer adjusted to a urban era tuned in to its environment.

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