Sagaponack Cottage by Axis Mundi Design

Sagaponack Cottage by Axis Mundi Design

Architects: Axis Mundi Design
Location: Suffolk County, New York, USA
Photo courtesy: Mark Roskams

The exterior of what looks like a vernacular Hamptons shingle cottage, designed by architect Blaze Makoid, is intentionally deceiving. For the interiors, Axis Mundi typically decided not to play by the rules. Instead of de rigeur nautical artifacts, floppy sofas and wicker furniture, the firm responded to Makoid’s all-white interior envelope by injecting rooms with comfortable modern elegance that’s more contemporary Cap Ferrat than Eastern Long Island.


Clean furniture silhouettes—from Cassina, Poltrona Frau and B&B Italia—a Massimo Listri beach scene, a Moooi chandelier and industrial finishes (such as the steel of the fireplace surround and the anodized aluminum of a sleek Bulthaup kitchen) spark a creative tension between indoors and out. The gray palette provides a quiet backdrop for the nature outside, except for the master suite, where custom oak panels and blue shades create a reassuring warmth conducive to sleep.

Sagaponack-Cottage-02 Sagaponack-Cottage-03 Sagaponack-Cottage-04 Sagaponack-Cottage-05 Sagaponack-Cottage-06 Sagaponack-Cottage-07 Sagaponack-Cottage-08 Sagaponack-Cottage-09 Sagaponack-Cottage-10 Sagaponack-Cottage-11 Sagaponack-Cottage-12 Sagaponack-Cottage-13 Sagaponack-Cottage-14 Sagaponack-Cottage-15

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