Beach House on Stilts by Luigi Rosselli Architects

Beach House on Stilts by Luigi Rosselli Architects

Architects: Luigi Rosselli Architects
Location: Collaroy, New South Wales, Australia
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Justin Alexander, Edward Birch

High over the ground this cabin by the shoreline is secure from any ascent in ocean level and is presently the peaceful retreat of a refined couple. Over the current lodge another first floor was included with their study and room, and a skipper’s deck went for the shoreline breakers view.


The principal floor augmentations are discrete and set back to keep up the road bungalow character. The current front veranda now reaches out with a more extensive side secured porch, connected to the focal kitchen and lounge area. Behind the white picket wall on the front road, a roundabout stair prompts a casual timber veranda , ultramarine weatherboards and the first white timber windows make for a blustery, summery house. Dyed insides resonate with traditional violin rehearses and hold a horde of books encased in each divider stud and break.


The ocean breeze actually cools the effortlessly opened rooms. At the back of the house, confronting into a little tropical patio nursery thick with palms and plants, there is a greenery enclosure room with a gigantic sliding shade that can be secured and ensures the completely outfitted room when nobody is at home.


The stair takes position the middle of everyone’s attention in the house, bolstered by a strong stud divider loaded with bookshelves and showered in light. The augmentations are weaved through the old home with perkiness and sensitivity towards the old timberwork and the casual air of the stilted beach bungalow.

Beach-House-on-Stilts-by-Luigi-Rosselli-Architects-04 Beach-House-on-Stilts-by-Luigi-Rosselli-Architects-05 Beach-House-on-Stilts-by-Luigi-Rosselli-Architects-06 Beach-House-on-Stilts-by-Luigi-Rosselli-Architects-07 Beach-House-on-Stilts-by-Luigi-Rosselli-Architects-08 Beach-House-on-Stilts-by-Luigi-Rosselli-Architects-09 Beach-House-on-Stilts-by-Luigi-Rosselli-Architects-10 Beach-House-on-Stilts-by-Luigi-Rosselli-Architects-11 Beach-House-on-Stilts-by-Luigi-Rosselli-Architects-12 Beach-House-on-Stilts-by-Luigi-Rosselli-Architects-13 Beach-House-on-Stilts-by-Luigi-Rosselli-Architects-14 Beach-House-on-Stilts-by-Luigi-Rosselli-Architects-15 Beach-House-on-Stilts-by-Luigi-Rosselli-Architects-16 Beach-House-on-Stilts-by-Luigi-Rosselli-Architects-17 Beach-House-on-Stilts-by-Luigi-Rosselli-Architects-18 Beach-House-on-Stilts-by-Luigi-Rosselli-Architects-19 Beach-House-on-Stilts-by-Luigi-Rosselli-Architects-20 Beach-House-on-Stilts-by-Luigi-Rosselli-Architects-21 Beach-House-on-Stilts-by-Luigi-Rosselli-Architects-22

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