House Araguaia OM by Dayala + Rafael Estúdio de Arquitetura

House Araguaia OM by Dayala + Rafael Estúdio de Arquitetura

Architects: Dayala + Rafael Estúdio de Arquitetura
Location: Alphaville Araguaia, Goiânia, Brazil
Year: 2011
Area: 4,897 sqft / 455 sqm
Photo courtesy: Leandro Moura – Estúdio Onzeonze

Marked by the structural studio Dayala + Rafael, the house Araguaia OM, intended for a couple who cherishes getting companions and kids officially wedded, is situated on a plot with 1259,31m² (13.555ft²) situated in an apartment suite with exceptional excellence and view a colossal range of ​​environmental protection.


The considerable test of building, which has roughly 455 m² (4,897ft²), was to give occupants the most extreme joining with the wonderful scene while utilization of protection for the crew. What has been accomplished by bridling the regular incline of the landscape and the organization of the administration territory, conditions and carport at a level lower than whatever is left of the house that stayed at the same level.


Vast edges, when completely open, permit the most extreme incorporation between the kitchen, lounges and overhang, making them an exceptional environment. All rooms have direct access to the recreational region where is found the pool and spa.

House-Araguaia-OM-by-Dayala-+-Rafael-Estúdio-de-Arquitetura-03 House-Araguaia-OM-by-Dayala-+-Rafael-Estúdio-de-Arquitetura-04 House-Araguaia-OM-by-Dayala-+-Rafael-Estúdio-de-Arquitetura-05 House-Araguaia-OM-by-Dayala-+-Rafael-Estúdio-de-Arquitetura-06 House-Araguaia-OM-by-Dayala-+-Rafael-Estúdio-de-Arquitetura-07 House-Araguaia-OM-by-Dayala-+-Rafael-Estúdio-de-Arquitetura-08 House-Araguaia-OM-by-Dayala-+-Rafael-Estúdio-de-Arquitetura-09 House-Araguaia-OM-by-Dayala-+-Rafael-Estúdio-de-Arquitetura-10 House-Araguaia-OM-by-Dayala-+-Rafael-Estúdio-de-Arquitetura-11 House-Araguaia-OM-by-Dayala-+-Rafael-Estúdio-de-Arquitetura-12 House-Araguaia-OM-by-Dayala-+-Rafael-Estúdio-de-Arquitetura-13 House-Araguaia-OM-by-Dayala-+-Rafael-Estúdio-de-Arquitetura-14 House-Araguaia-OM-by-Dayala-+-Rafael-Estúdio-de-Arquitetura-15 House-Araguaia-OM-by-Dayala-+-Rafael-Estúdio-de-Arquitetura-16 House-Araguaia-OM-by-Dayala-+-Rafael-Estúdio-de-Arquitetura-17 House-Araguaia-OM-by-Dayala-+-Rafael-Estúdio-de-Arquitetura-18

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