Lafayette MCM Remodel by Klopf Architecture

Lafayette MCM Remodel by Klopf Architecture

Architects: Klopf Architecture
Location: Lafayette, California, USA
Year: 2015
Area: 3,363 sqft / 312 sqm
Photo courtesy: Mariko Reed

The proprietors of this property had been far from the Bay Area for a long time, and anticipated coming back to a rich mid-century cutting edge house. The one they purchased was definitely not that. Confronted with a “remuddled” kitchen from one decade, an aimless room/family room expansion from another, and a generally incoherent and for the most part once-over mid-century advanced house, the proprietors asked Klopf Architecture and Envision Landscape Studio to reconsider this house and property as a brought together, streaming, refined, warm, cutting edge indoor/outside living space for a group of five.


Opening up the spaces inside and from inside to out was the first request of business. The some time ago disconnected eat-in kitchen with 7 foot high roofs were opened up to the lounge, re-situated, and supplanted with a roomy cook’s kitchen finished with a line of bay windows bringing light into the space. Nearby the front room divider was totally opened up with La Cantina collapsing entryway framework, joining the inside living space to another wood deck that goes about as a continuation of the wood floor. Individuals can spill out of kitchen to the living/lounge area and the deck flawlessly, making the fundamental excitement space feel on the double brought together and complete, and in the meantime open and boundless.


Klopf opened up the room with a huge sliding board, and turned what was previously an extensive stroll in wardrobe into an office zone, again with an expansive sliding board. The main restroom has high windows from the start one divider to get light, and a huge wet room region for the shower and tub. The dim, strong rooftop structure over the yard was supplanted with an open trellis that permits a lot of light, lighting up the new deck region and the inside of the house.


Every one of the materials of the house were supplanted, aside from the encircling and the roof sheets. This permitted Klopf to bind together the materials from space to space, running the same wood flooring all through, utilizing the same paint hues, and for the most part making a steady look from space to room. Situated in Lafayette, CA this rebuilt single-family house is 3,363 square foot, 4 room, and 3.5 bathroom.

Lafayette-MCM-Remodel-by-Klopf-Architecture-04 Lafayette-MCM-Remodel-by-Klopf-Architecture-05 Lafayette-MCM-Remodel-by-Klopf-Architecture-06 Lafayette-MCM-Remodel-by-Klopf-Architecture-07 Lafayette-MCM-Remodel-by-Klopf-Architecture-08 Lafayette-MCM-Remodel-by-Klopf-Architecture-09 Lafayette-MCM-Remodel-by-Klopf-Architecture-10 Lafayette-MCM-Remodel-by-Klopf-Architecture-11 Lafayette-MCM-Remodel-by-Klopf-Architecture-12 Lafayette-MCM-Remodel-by-Klopf-Architecture-13 Lafayette-MCM-Remodel-by-Klopf-Architecture-14 Lafayette-MCM-Remodel-by-Klopf-Architecture-15

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