Chic Home Bar Ideas That’ll Make You Want to Throw a Party

Stylish home bar ideas for every space

Whether you want to build out a home bar, or just want to turn part of your kitchen counter into one, we’ve got ideas to help you make it happen below.

Add a Mirror Backsplash

Not only are the symmetrical wine fridges aesthetically pleasing, but they’re also conveniently located and such a good use of the little space. The smokey mirrored backsplash brings the right touch of formal style to this space designed by Studio DB, too.

Customize Storage Space

Based out of New York City, architecture firm Shapeless Studio is beyond savvy when it comes to creating stylish storage solutions in small spaces. Here, they carved out a little corner nook complete with built-in shelving, a floating shelf, and a hidden mini fridge so the living room and dining area could fit a home bar.

Make It Feel Like a Real Bar

Designed by Michelle Nussbaumer, this home bar is as swanky as it gets. Complete with rich textures, vibrant colors, and elaborate patterns, it’s the perfect place to perch for a night cap or when you’re hosting parties.

Position It Strategically

If you’re going to make room for a home bar in the kitchen, make sure to put it in a good spot. In this space designed by Emily Henderson, the home bar zone is close to the dining area, making it easier to run back and forth when you’re entertaining.

Dress Up the Butler’s Pantry

If your home is blessed with a butler’s pantry, use it as a bar. Interior designer Heather Hilliard kept this one light, bright, and classic with a printed wallpaper, fresh white paint, and display cabinets.

Add Spare Shelves

Decorate shelves with plants, artwork, and cocktail recipe books to spruce up the area. The sleek, dark bar stools here help sharpen up the dreamy marble backdrop.

Turn It Into a Club

This space designed by ETC.etera for Firehouse Hotel is beyond cool. The funky cheetah-print flooring and upholstery set the scene for a good time, while the painted brick adds a gritty warehouse vibe and the striped fabric introduces a touch of traditional, retro-inspired glam. The takeaway? Have fun with it and lean into kitsch.

Use a Closet

Tuck your little home bar behind a closet door and line the back with a wallpaper that pops. To make sure it blends in nicely with the rest of the room when the door is open, use some of the same accent colors. And remember: No space, no matter how small, is too small for a wine fridge.

Pick an Intentional Layout

Keep clutter to a minimum and make sure the bar area is exposed to the living space so you can still socialize while entertaining, like Tamsin Johnson did with this layout. The plaster cream walls and texture-rich surfaces create intrigue while the large photograph brings in more personality and contemporary style.

Create a Full-Fledged Bar

Why force your entertaining into a single cart or side table? Commune Design smartly built this home bar in the billiards room, making it the perfect venue for entertaining and unwinding.

A sleek wood bar gets us every time. The brass accents draw attention to the cool curves of this cart.

Make It Moody

Metallic wallpaper is the perfect backdrop for a moody, intimate home bar. Studio DB paired it with black marble surfaces and stained wood cabinets to finish the look.

Match It With the Room

In this home designed by Corinne Mathern, the exposed beams and lived-in terra cotta floors tiles set the scene for California and Mediterranean-inspired interiors. The brutalist sconce and gold hardware mixed with the homemade pottery complement that style perfectly.

Bring It In on a Tray

No bar? No problem. Transfer your liquor to pretty decanters and glass bottles and then put them, along with your glasses, on a serving tray. Then place the tray on a console table in the living room as a makeshift home bar.

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