House on Lac Grenier by Paul Bernier Architecte

House on Lac Grenier by Paul Bernier Architecte

Architects: Paul Bernier Architecte
Location: Lac Grenier, Ville D’Estérel, Québec, Canada
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Adrien Williams

Our customers have possessed this property for various years. They know it well and love its fluctuated highlights. They were searching for a practical and site-delicate task that would save its geography, vegetation, and common appearance.

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Volumes and situation

The lakefront site is altogether lush. It is crossed by a stream on its south side and has a precarious slope on the north. These attributes and the need to manufacture at a separation from the stream recommended a the long way situation, with the house slipped in the middle of the stream and the incline.

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We decided to make a position of safety, fundamentally single-story building. Its wandering shape is dictated by the open doors offered by the encompassing scene. The structure twists, opens, and limits like a waterway cutting its own particular way.

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The structure is clad in a solitary material, with vertical cedar supports of fluctuating width and thickness set in an open-work way. The building’s weatherproofing is guaranteed underneath the separated supports, which hide the glimmering, trickle edges, and trim generally noticeable on the outside of conventional wood structures. The surface peruses rather like a palisade that takes after the state of the building and into which openings have been cut.

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From the way paving the way to the passage, the building shows up as a generally hazy volume that takes after the shapes of the site. The carport is hidden from perspective. To one side, an opening in the palisade welcomes guests to come inside. Along the south veneer, the volume of the house twists and opens up to let in the light and benefit as much as possible from the timberland view. Further along, the volume twists once more, moving in the direction of an opening in the forested areas that offers a perspective of the stream streaming into the lake. On the north side, littler openings outline viewpoints of the encompassing scene and permit the building’s inhabitants to appreciate the tender mumble of the stream, which still keeps running over the property. On the rooftop, a little tree-house-like room watches out onto the encompassing greenery.

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Inside pathway

Inside, guests are welcomed by an expansive hickory divider unit, molded to offer seating and a spot to hang away coats. It additionally guides one toward the living space, a huge, liberally lit zone that finishes in a cantilevered, screened room with a perspective of the mouth of the stream and the lake. On the south side, the outside divider clears a path for a substantial coated surface that opens onto the woods. Amid summer, the trees, similar to the green rooftop, make a characteristic screen to shield the house from warmth. In winter when the leaves have fallen, daylight channels through the backwoods and surges the space with warmth and light.

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With time, as the cedar braces blur and the trees and ground spread become back in around the building, construction modeling and nature will mix. Nature will likewise be welcome to cover the building itself, because of its green rooftop. Seen from the housetop study or the slope, the structure will mix into its common habitat.

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The materials utilized for the surfaces are basic and refined. The white dividers and cleaned concrete floors appear differently in relation to the rough common surroundings, permitting the view outside to become the overwhelming focus.

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The extensive open zone is involved by three wooden masses. They are put along a hub that draws one through the grouping of spaces that make up the living zone. Made of hickory, these inherent units incorporate the stockpiling and seat unit in the passage, the kitchen island, and a TV and sound framework cupboard. Their capacities are scarcely intelligible, permitting them to stay as dynamic as could reasonably be expected with a specific end goal to stress just their structure, material, and relationship to each other. The kitchen island is in the focal point of the space, offering an all encompassing perspective of the encompassing scene.

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The expansive inherent unit in the passage likewise screens off the more private ranges of the home. Tucked in behind the sufficient wooden structure is the entrance [H1] to the rooms, and in addition the staircase that prompts the perusing room on the green rooftop. Upstairs, the wood-framed space offers a calm retreat from whatever remains of the house.

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