Cool Blue Villa by 123DV

Cool Blue Villa by 123DV

Architects: 123DV
Location: Marbella, Spain
Year: 2015
Area: 6,674 sqft / 620 sqm
Photo courtesy: Carlos Caceres Lavergne

Being encompassed by water. A staggering perspective of the Mediterranean Sea. The occupants of this estate appreciate a most extreme occasion involvement in their vacation manor. In the long haul they could even change their vacation home into a spot to settle down and develop old joyfully a great many.


To ensure a sure level of protection for the proprietors, the road side exterior looks rather standoffish. Subsequent to opening the entryway in the divider, the guest would expect a continuation of the guarded air, however the impact of reversal is bewildering. From that minute on it shocks you everytime. After the first shocking component – the venturing stones in the water – you enter complete spatial openness. A straightforward look is made by applying glass and long sight lines. The water and its appearance in changed areas improve this impact.


The beginning long for the proprietor was having a plot by the ocean. The interpretation of the fantasy lead to an outline idea of water. A square of water with glass dividers – the corners are straightforward: no steel development is connected – is situated in the heart of the estate. Beside this swimming pool a channel of water streams along the whole living territory – down the stairs, and in addition upstairs. From the glass staircase you can get a look of the ocean from distinctive perspectives. The utilization of going stones is rehashed on the top floor, where a perky move of inside/outside is made. On the rooftop you can encounter most extreme flexibility: utilizing the outside shower while looking at the ocean.


Smooth, hygienic materials with a cool, clean look and feel are consolidated with warm, natural materials, similar to wood and regular stone. For warmth, solace and excitement there’s an extensive tailor made cooking island made out of strong Corian, a chimney, a calfskin seat that can be changed into a home film framework. Every single specialized gadget can be worked by cell phones or tablets. Indeed, even the lights in the exterior, that radiate through vertical openings – adding a warm inviting feeling to the atmospere encompassing the estate at night.


Cool Blue Villa is a family villa forever, encompassed by extravagance and water.

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