Redefining of sophistication into an elegant concrete home

Redefining of sophistication into an elegant concrete home

Architects: Wei Yi International Design Associates
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Photo courtesy: James

“Initialization. No matter what we had experienced, go through the initial throb deep in your heart.

Through the fascinated of concrete, the designer tries to annotate the different views of space base on the materials, characteristics in this case.

This space is divided into two parts, the public area and the private area, which makes the dweller having an open living area while still keeping the personal privacy perfectly.

The implementation of the texture in the public area breaks the definition of each functionality area.

It is all about the difference between each texture and how it turns out. One-color tone arrangement with diversity of the various textures totally highlights the most significant part in this case. Here we redefine it as “sophistication”.

The private area and public area are so defined and clear when one-color tone is being well-executed. It’s like a different version of Zen.”

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