Are Bean Bags Worth It?

Are Bean Bags Worth It?


These pieces of furniture are extremely versatile, comfortable, and fun. Filled with shredded memory foam, they can even alleviate muscle pain. But what about the aesthetic value? Will they fit into any interior? Let’s see if the advertisement claims can be trusted.

Here are the key advantages that make the best bean bag chairs so popular with all ages. Did you know they can even float in your swimming pool? From coffee tables to movie seats, their uses can be very creative. However, this multi-purpose nature is just one of the upsides.


Compact Size

This means you can easily move your bean bag around the house or even use it as a garden chair. Conventional seating made of wood or metal can hardly boast of such mobility. When not in use, these flexible chairs may be stored in your closet or attic, until extra chairs are needed again.

Hence, they may be put anywhere in your house or apartment. Children’s room is a popular choice, as bean bags may not cause any injuries. After all, they only have memory foam balls inside. Besides safety, cleaning is no challenge either.

The weight of such a chair varies between 6 and 17 lbs. Hence, you do not need much effort to move it. Even kids are strong enough to drag it whenever they want. Importantly, the floor will not be damaged, as bean bags have no legs.


Easy to Wash

A bean bag has a removable cover, which is often made of natural materials. Just toss it into the washing machine! Besides, whenever a design gets boring, you may change the look of your chair as you like. Just look at the design variety of top picks reviewed on jonsguide.

This factor is also crucial for garden furniture. Bean bags may be used outdoors, as any contamination may be easily cleaned. So, if your barbecue guests need seating, you will always have it at hand.


Pain Relief

In case of joint or muscle pain, sitting on rigid conventional chairs or even armchairs is hardly the best option. The filling of a bean bag, however, adapts to the contours of your body providing steady support in all the right places. Moreover, the bag maintains heat. This makes it especially useful for elders.


Many Uses

These are not limited to children’s rooms and gardens. Basically, a bean bag looks suitable in any room provided that the interior is fairly modern. In a baroque environment, it will surely look out of place.

Arrange a cozy sitting area in the cabinet or add originality to your hall. Bean bags are often seen in living rooms, where they provide comfy seating for movie time. A simple piece of wood on top will turn a chair into a coffee table whenever you need one.


Different Styles

The covers come in a wide range of styles and fabrics. This means you can always find the pattern most complementary to your interior and its colors.

Shapes also vary. Would you prefer it to look like a cylinder rather than a pear? The manufacturers have foreseen it. There are so many configuration options that you can freely express your aesthetic view with this versatile furniture item.


Maintenance Tips

Although the bags are durable and easily washable, they do have their typical maintenance needs. First, the filling does not last forever. The shredded foam will inevitably get rumpled with time, and you will need to replace it. Secondly, the bottom grows thinner, as it comes into direct contact with the floor. However, cover replacement solves the issue immediately.

Undoubtedly, the number of benefits speaks in favor of bean bags. Try at least one, and you will inevitably buy a couple of them.

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