Echo House by Paul Raff Studio

Echo House by Paul Raff Studio

Architects: Paul Raff Studio
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Year: 2015
Area: 16,146 sqft / 1,500 sqm
Photo courtesy: Ben Rahn, A-Frame

The configuration of Echo House changed a current living arrangement to reverberate with its environment. Set on an extensive property on the Bridle Path in Toronto, it weds and associate perfectly with its scene. Its inconspicuous material specifying discreetly summons the Asian legacy of the cosmopolitan family it was intended for. The outline additionally brought about a lessening of vitality utilization of roughly half.


Drawing nearer the house, the front façade is explained with a long, low limestone divider, with a taller volume of dim raked stucco past. Inside of the edge of the divider, a variety of fine wooden screens makes a gently layered forecourt.


Coordinating an extremely considered, however down to business reproduction made an unpretentious, emotional, and refined family home. The house is recently reoriented to the outside and is described by quiet and sculptural structures. Inconspicuous limits of layered spaces, adjusting discrete walled in area with high and outward looking spaces, make an air of tranquility and unpretentious show.


The mortgage holders say, “It is an expansive house, but feels intimate and peaceful. The spaces flow beautifully. We feel like we live in a garden.”

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