House DS by Graux & Baeyens Architecten

House DS by Graux & Baeyens Architecten

Architects: Graux & Baeyens Architecten
Location: Destelbergen, East Flanders, Belgium
Year: 2011
Area: 312 sqm
Photo courtesy: Julien Lanoo, Philippe Brysse

The house is arranged in an ordinary neighborhood. The plots are described by substantial back greenhouses and irrelevant side patio nursery strips. The property can be depicted as a common Belgian ‘fermette’, or farmhouse impersonation from the Seventies. The customer procured the property 10 years prior. The brief was to change the house to guarantee open, splendid and contemporary living.


Not at all like the aggregate make-over the customer had personality a top priority, the planners moderated the model of the farmlike house and include an expansion that strived for a discord, an encounter, went for honing both substances and accomplish a beneficial interaction in the middle of old and new.


Four volumes are put against the current volume as huge canvases, to catch light and frame another back. A fifth, separate volume contains the pool house.


These two mediations, the expansion and the pool house, hence characterize the substantial greenhouse territory, associated by the porches and the pool. Alternate parts of the shell stay untouched and safeguard seeing an exclusively coherent volume.


Inside, in any case, a combination of old and new is made:

The new space framed by the canvases join through a consistent divider organizer to the current L-formed family room and opens as a trampled fan into the light.


A long cabinet is set corner to corner and isolates the lounge from the utility parts (passageway, storage space, restroom, den) and coordinates capacities like chimney, library, kitchen, … Using profoundly particular productive mediations the current house was opened upand was connected to the new back. This outcomes in an open living space where the patio nursery with its advancing seasons assumes a focal part.


The closet has a twofold reason. Firstly, the living space therefore isolated from the commonsense parts (passage, storage space, restroom, den) and besides, a wide range of elements are coordinated (chimney, library, kitchen … )


The secured porch is incorporated into the new back. The new back is imagined as a timber outline. This dry divider structure is a fast method for working and has prompted a decreased development period.

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