Bernal Heights Residence by SB Architects

Bernal Heights Residence by SB Architects

Architects: SB Architects
Location: Bernal Heights, San Francisco, California, USA
Area: 2,000 sqft
Photo courtesy: Bruce Damonte

This urban infill site in San Francisco introduced an one of a kind chance to make another, unsupported home, while keeping up the site’s current structure as a different private unit. The site initially housed a solitary structure – an one-story, one-room home over a two-auto carport, developed in 1931 and totaling just 550 square feet of living space. Subsequent to the first structure was manufactured at the back of the 2,000-square-foot corner parcel, and zoning considered two units on the site, another home could be constructed at the front of the part, promoting upon perspectives and a more conspicuous road address.


The objective for this venture was to grab the remarkable zoning chance to manufacture another home on this attractive, yet never-created, corner site in a thick San Francisco neighborhood. The configuration idea was driven by the miniaturized scale components of the site and the longing to make a contemporary outline expression that was established in Northern California structural and reasonable beliefs. The fundamental envelope was molded in huge part by the area arranging code, which managed components, for example, cove windows, indented side yards and inset sections to make development and shadow along the streetscape. While the configuration is established in the nearby vernacular and code inside of this customary San Francisco neighborhood, the translation is particularly perfect and cutting edge.


The actually inclining site enlivened the thought of a central stair center wrapped by private regions and topped by an emotional sky facing window, washing the insides in normal light and shaping an immediate connection between through the private spaces on the passage level and the upper-level open spaces. The focal stair center likewise makes a solid vertical divider on the outside, bringing about a creation very not quite the same as the run of the mill flat layering of living spaces. The corner area and interior association of space made an outside expression that broke free of even restrictions to make a mix of flat and vertical lines, punctuated by a solid cantilevered rooftop.


Finding the primary living spaces on the top floor managed sensational perspectives of the San Francisco horizon and earned inexhaustible normal light, fundamentally diminishing power use. Windows on all parts of the building, irregular in this urban setting, give a wealth of regular light in the inside spaces. Making utilization of broad involvement in accommodation plan, the configuration group made a resort-based living background inside of this 1,750-square-foot custom home, with open, streaming spaces, spotless, top of the line completes and rich woods. A rainscreen framework underpins Ipe banding on the outside façade, while walnut flooring and cupboards consolidate with cedar cladding on inside roofs and outside soffits to convey warmth to the insides.


Planned with a watchful eye toward manageability, this house is Tier Two Energy Star ensured, making it more than 35% more proficient than California Title 24 prerequisites. A 95% effective gas kettle supplies residential high temp water and hydronic warming, and a 2.5-kilowatt photovotaic framework with net metering gives sun oriented vitality, while vitality star apparatuses and water proficient pipes installations all through guarantee a productive utilization of assets.

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