Dinesh Mills Bungalow by Atelier dnD

Dinesh Mills Bungalow by Atelier dnD

Architects: Atelier dnD
Location: Vadodara, Gujarat, India
Year: 2010
Area: 6,000 sqft
Photo courtesy: Sebastian Zachariah

To fabricate a moderate house with basic clean lines, uncluttered geometry, liquid, straightforward spaces where the insides and outsides mix into one another trying to keep the client always in contact with the outside.


The site with flourishing greenery was found simply outside Vadodara city. The brief was clear – to outline a contemporary house for this group of three and their bolster workforce conference their useful prerequisites. The test of the site truly lay in saving the normal vegetation that proliferated on the plot. The arranging experienced a few cycles in an offer to safeguard whatever number of the trees nearby as could reasonably be expected.


The primary garage prompts a white cantilever yard which characterizes the drop-off point for the house. The house itself is an augmented spine starting here with different capacities connected to it along its length. Three outside verandahs serve as appended semi-open substances to capacities like living and rooms. The outside pool and deck embraces the living spaces and main room in this manner acquiring the cool air amid winters. This poolside space stretches out into a yard making it perfect space for relaxation. An outside staircase drives one to porch which elements open Jacuzzi catching the endless green woods around the site.

Dinesh-Mills-Bungalow-00 Dinesh-Mills-Bungalow-01-0 Dinesh-Mills-Bungalow-01 Dinesh-Mills-Bungalow-02-1 Dinesh-Mills-Bungalow-02-2 Dinesh-Mills-Bungalow-02-3 Dinesh-Mills-Bungalow-02 Dinesh-Mills-Bungalow-03 Dinesh-Mills-Bungalow-04-1 Dinesh-Mills-Bungalow-04-2 Dinesh-Mills-Bungalow-04-3 Dinesh-Mills-Bungalow-04 Dinesh-Mills-Bungalow-05 Dinesh-Mills-Bungalow-08 Dinesh-Mills-Bungalow-09 Dinesh-Mills-Bungalow-10 Dinesh-Mills-Bungalow-14 Dinesh-Mills-Bungalow-15 Dinesh-Mills-Bungalow-16 Dinesh-Mills-Bungalow-31 Dinesh-Mills-Bungalow-33-1 Dinesh-Mills-Bungalow-33-2 Dinesh-Mills-Bungalow-33 Dinesh-Mills-Bungalow-35-1 Dinesh-Mills-Bungalow-35 Dinesh-Mills-Bungalow-38

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