How to Design the Perfect Nursery

How to Design the Perfect Nursery

Your due date is slowly creeping up and you’re still figuring out how to design the perfect nursery for your baby-to-be. You want it to be a safe haven for your little one to call home, as well as a space for them to learn and grow. There are a lot of components you need to consider when designing your dream nursery, such as the color theme and furniture. After all, you need to enjoy this space as well, as you’re going to be spending a lot of time rocking them to sleep, reading them stories, and changing their diapers. Are you ready to turn that empty room into a cozy nest? Keep reading below to learn how!


1. Color

The first step you need to consider when designing your nursery is the color. Do you want to stick to conventional gender colors such as soft blues for boys and light pinks for girls? Or do you want to take an alternative route and go for a green, yellow, or white? Whatever you choose, the important part is choosing a palette that is soft-hued and warm that will produce a calming effect in the room.

If you’re unsure about what color to choose, there are plenty of wall paint apps available for download on your smartphone. With one of these apps, you can take a picture of your nursery and go through an array of colors to determine which one looks best.

Once you have your wall colors picked out, it’s time to choose curtains, lampshades, and other fixtures to match the color theme. When searching for items like these, make sure to bring the paint chip with you to see how well it matches.


2. Cribs

A nursery isn’t a nursery without a crib, and a crib is a centerpiece that must be planned out. You don’t want to invest in a crib that is uncomfortable, as this will lead to many restless nights for both you and your baby. When searching for cribs, opt for highly-rated ones, even if they are a little over your budget. If there’s one thing to splurge on, it’s this.

At first, you may not want your little one to sleep in the room over from you, and this is completely normal. You want to keep a watchful eye on them and be there for them when they wake up. That’s why it’s also worth investing in a bassinet. Bassinets provide a safe place for babies to sleep when traveling, while you’re doing household chores, and when you’re sleeping at night.


3. Furniture

Now that the crib is out of the way, it’s time to decorate your nursery with other pieces of furniture. One staple that shouldn’t go unnoticed are recliner chairs. A comfortable recliner will allow you to comfortably breastfeed, read, and rock your baby to sleep. Along with a recliner, also look into a changing table. Here, you can pack all of the essentials such as wipes and diapers, as well as onesies, pacifiers, and other materials. And make sure you make your nursery kid-friendly too, with furniture pieces like kid chairs and tables.


4. Toys

Like a flower nursery, baby nurseries are a place for infants to blossom and grow. That’s why it’s essential you decorate and pack your nursery with educational toys and wall art. While they won’t be able to read and talk for a while, creating a small library and placing stimulating posters and paintings on the wall will aid in development. But beware, nurseries can become messy pretty fast. If you’re living in a small space, invest in colorful home organizers to neatly store toys, crayons, stuffed animals, and books, as well as seasonal items such as Christmas dresses and trousers. Installing bookshelves and placing baskets around the room are other great ways to stay organized.


5. Lighting

When it comes to designing nurseries, lighting can be the hardest part. You don’t want your little one to wake up at sunrise when the roosters’ crow, nor do you want them in complete darkness during the daytime. To find the perfect balance, invest in blackout shades that block all light when they’re down. This way, you can ensure your baby sleeps well past sunrise. Then, when it’s time for them to wake up, all you must do is raise the curtains and the room will be as bright as day.


Key Takeaways

The trick to designing the perfect nursery is making sure everything is in unison. From the crib to the walls and the furniture to the lighting, you need to carefully plan out how you will design your baby’s room. With these tips on hand, you’ll have a warm, cozy nursery in no time.

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