Interior Designs for Pet Lovers

For pet lovers, animals are truly a central part of our lives. They give us companionship and joy. Our animals are even a part of the family. So it makes sense that some interior designs are taking that into account by incorporating their needs right into the space. Some designs have pet beds that fit a room’s style, others have cat play areas right along the wall and still other designs build aquariums right into the room. Take a look below for some of the top interior designs for pet lovers. You may be inspired to put in some new designs to accommodate your pet, and your animal companions are sure to appreciate it.


We love our dogs. But sometimes their pet beds, play areas, kennels, toys and food bowls can disrupt the design of a room or outdoor space. So designers are finding creative ways to incorporate pet needs into a space in classy ways.

These designs include trendy dog beds that fit the room’s style and outdoor dog houses that are a well-designed part of the yard. And some interior design elements, like wallpaper, fit right into an animal theme. The designs for pet lovers below show that you can devote your home to a pet but still keep it true to any design style you choose.

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Cats come with a whole multitude of different needs. While dogs generally stay on the floor and exotic pets tend to live in a cage of some variety, cats desire free reign of everything. You’re likely to find them exploring and hiding in the most unlikely of places: the top shelf in the closet, behind the computer monitor, nestled behind curtains. All is fair game for kitty.

So, in order to encourage productive play, many interior designs have worked specific climbing spaces for cats to enjoy into the space. These play areas are sleek, stylish and fit in with the overall design of the room. Other interior designs for pet lovers take into account cat beds for naptime and make those work with the design of the room, as well.


Interior Designs for Pet Lovers Housing Exotic Animals

Exotic pets are defined as anything that is not a cat or a dog. It’s a pretty expansive definition that can cover anything from a rabbit, bird or fish to a cuddly pet boa constrictor. Most of these animals tend to be housed in cages, making them less intrusive to a room’s overall design.

There are creative ways to house your critters that make attractive additions to a room and work well with the overall room design. Many of these also work in outdoor spaces. So take a look at these designs for pet lovers that show some great ways to house those exotic pets.


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