Renovation in Jiyugaoka by Airhouse Design Office

Renovation in Jiyugaoka by Airhouse Design Office

Architects: Airhouse Design Office
Location: Jiyugaoka, Nagoya, Japan
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Toshiyuki Yano

This project was a renovation of a 40-year-old reinforced concrete apartment. The spaces of the house were designed from a viewpoint of “storing clothes”. It was said that the client had a passion for fashion and loved trying on clothes or displaying newly bought clothes.


The client requested a large-sized closet space. However, we thought it was a shame to completely hide away the precious clothes.


Therefore, a large closet space, called a dress room, was made in the center of the plan. The room functions as a passage as well as a display storage and a hide-away storage, and the space continuously changes depending on the situation or season. By doing so, fashion blends into life, and I believe that the space became a place to change the client’s mood whenever it was passed by.


This renovation project was done by constructing spaces through re-examination of the conventional ideas of clothing storage.

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