Acquavilla Residence by Winn Wittman Architecture

Acquavilla Residence by Winn Wittman Architecture

Architects: Winn Wittman Architecture
Location: Lake Travis, Austin, Texas
Photo courtesy: Winn Wittman Architecture

This mid 80’s lakeside wreck was broadly remodeled to mirror the extravagant and eccentric identity of the proprietor. This undertaking is not the home the designer would have planned from a clear canvas — a test in numerous regards. The house was not doing so great, and past remodels had gone awry– so customer trust was at first deficient. Before the end the customer and planner had framed an in number level of trust.


A hand crafted and manufactured metal board framework was the answer for sunlight based and tasteful issues. A dappled fleur-de-lis design, which changes through out the day, is enlightened by shading evolving LED’s. The “Acquavilla” design, this time carved in glass, is rehashed in the custom section screen. The carports were asked for to be “showrooms”.


The remodel endeavored to re-use what lived up to expectations, protect the structure with bio-froth, and alleviate the sun based addition in a tastefully satisfying path with the shades, window movies and custom boards. The new pool endeavors to convey the lake up to the home. The bit leaf and cushy apparatuses of the immense room try to imitate the mists and sailboats on the water past. The outcome is as light as a sugary treat secured in whipped-cream.

Acquavilla-02 Acquavilla-03 Acquavilla-05 Acquavilla-07 Acquavilla-08 Acquavilla-09 Acquavilla-10 Acquavilla-11-2 Acquavilla-11 Acquavilla-12 Acquavilla-13 Acquavilla-14


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