Nove 2 Residence in Aspen by Studio B Architects

Nove 2 Residence in Aspen by Studio B Architects

Architects: Studio B Architects
Location: Aspen, Colorado, USA
Area: 3,200 sqft / 300 sqm
Year: 2009
Photo courtesy: Raul J. Garcia


Nove 2 is an immediate reaction in structure to its little trapezoidal parcel which sat empty for a considerable length of time given its numerous site limitations and complexities. It is bound on two sides by roads with snow stockpiling easements and was separated by the City of Aspen’s primary water line which required movement and over a year of open level headed discussion.


Furthermore, it is situated in a historically significant area and survived extensive zoning and notable regards. The subsequent arrangement is a stone “wedge” which insights to the proprietors’ specialty accumulation housed essentially inside of its twofold tallness space. This vaulted space houses workmanship, as well as is key to the arrangement and is the general population loci of the house.

Nove-2-2The interchange of common light inside of the twenty foot volume changes identity as the day develops. The site is contiguous the Aspen Institute initially outlined by Herbert Bayer and this house regards Aspen’s “innovator” history. The 3200 square feet is isolated between an upper private level, open principle floor and lower visitor level with the windows and entryways precisely set to protect security, catch perspectives and stay away from direct sun in light of the craftsmanship.


The outside cladding is made completely out of a light-weight limestone board framework with custom aluminum windows and entryways. The calm insides mirror the customer and the fundamental level stretches out into its constrained site through the scene and appreciates a few outside patios and greenery enclosures.

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