Villa Majesty boasts spectacular views of the ocean, located in Ibiza, Spain

Villa Majesty boasts spectacular views of the ocean, located in Ibiza, Spain

Location: Cala Jondal, Ibiza, Spain
Year: 2014
Price: $9,425 – $23,842 / night
Photo courtesy: Leo Trippi

With astonishing south-bound perspectives towards Formentera Island, Villa Majesty is a standout amongst the most exceptional manors in Ibiza. Arranged just a short separation from the coast, this contemporary manor offers current extravagance and plan joined with stunning characteristic excellence of Ibiza. This mix makes for an unfathomable ordeal, a genuine pearl on the Mediterranean shore. Particular against the slope where it is set, the estate itself grasps the neighborhood territory, while not dominating the bombastic scene around it.


The inside of the residence uses a blend of wood and white dividers, with various windows permitting a lot of light into this open home. This guarantees guests can completely value the roomy and vaporous inside of the estate, and also share in the wondrous perspectives all around. The property has a scope of current solaces including a couple of completely prepared kitchens, a home exercise center and TV room, benefitting as much as possible from the space on offer in this excellent home.


The contemporary outline proceeds outside: substantial swimming pool, jacuzzi and couches encompassed by unblemished green yards and gardens, all neglecting the ocean. This manor with its ideal coordination of present day plan and common scene gives visitors yet another chance to make the most of nature’s astounding magnificence, which works superbly nearby the shocking outline of the villa.

Villa-Majesty-boasts-spectacular-views-of-the-ocean-located-in-Ibiza-Spain-03 Villa-Majesty-boasts-spectacular-views-of-the-ocean-located-in-Ibiza-Spain-04 Villa-Majesty-boasts-spectacular-views-of-the-ocean-located-in-Ibiza-Spain-05 Villa-Majesty-boasts-spectacular-views-of-the-ocean-located-in-Ibiza-Spain-06 Villa-Majesty-boasts-spectacular-views-of-the-ocean-located-in-Ibiza-Spain-07 Villa-Majesty-boasts-spectacular-views-of-the-ocean-located-in-Ibiza-Spain-08 Villa-Majesty-boasts-spectacular-views-of-the-ocean-located-in-Ibiza-Spain-09 Villa-Majesty-boasts-spectacular-views-of-the-ocean-located-in-Ibiza-Spain-10 Villa-Majesty-boasts-spectacular-views-of-the-ocean-located-in-Ibiza-Spain-11 Villa-Majesty-boasts-spectacular-views-of-the-ocean-located-in-Ibiza-Spain-12 Villa-Majesty-boasts-spectacular-views-of-the-ocean-located-in-Ibiza-Spain-13 Villa-Majesty-boasts-spectacular-views-of-the-ocean-located-in-Ibiza-Spain-14

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