U House by Materia Arquitectonica

U House by Materia Arquitectonica

Architects: Materia Arquitectonica
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Onnis Luque

Casa U is situated in suburbia of Mexico City in an extremely steep and sloping site. The maintained incline created a sitting that accentuates the private relationship between the spaces of the house with the site’s geology. The parti scrutinized the regular arrangement of a house, having its entrance in its rooftop to then dive into the private and social spaces of the house.


The outside exterior is calm and basic, concealing the house past and making obvious the relationship in the middle of incline and skyline. After a section entryway, a scaffold augments the move from the road and turns into an observatory. By venturing far from the incline, the house decreases its balance and arranges for the vast majority of green surface


The stair turns into the center of the task, going about as the material pivot and an edge of light. It appropriates to all levels and spaces making utilization of arrivals with confined perspectives, bringing the scene into the inside at distinctive scales. The strides are deliberately more in a few areas to back off the individual and take into consideration a more cognizant demonstration of transitioning between levels.


The top level holds the carport and access vestibule, being the following level down possessed by the rooms, trailed by the family room and feasting and in conclusion a semi-covered level with a den and access to the lower greenhouse.


The materiality reacts to the capacity of the spaces. Cement is utilized for the majority of the volumes that hold the earth and contain administration spaces. The social level, the one with access to the greenhouses is communicated with a heavier nature utilizing a dark stone with an example that give a persistent play of light and shadow. The most elevated volumes containing the rooms are done with a white and light surface making contrast.

U-House-by-Materia-Arquitectonica-05 U-House-by-Materia-Arquitectonica-06 U-House-by-Materia-Arquitectonica-07 U-House-by-Materia-Arquitectonica-08 U-House-by-Materia-Arquitectonica-09 U-House-by-Materia-Arquitectonica-10 U-House-by-Materia-Arquitectonica-11 U-House-by-Materia-Arquitectonica-12 U-House-by-Materia-Arquitectonica-13 U-House-by-Materia-Arquitectonica-14 U-House-by-Materia-Arquitectonica-15 U-House-by-Materia-Arquitectonica-16 U-House-by-Materia-Arquitectonica-17 U-House-by-Materia-Arquitectonica-18 U-House-by-Materia-Arquitectonica-19 U-House-by-Materia-Arquitectonica-20 U-House-by-Materia-Arquitectonica-21 U-House-by-Materia-Arquitectonica-22 U-House-by-Materia-Arquitectonica-23 U-House-by-Materia-Arquitectonica-24 U-House-by-Materia-Arquitectonica-25

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