Sun Path House by Christian Wassmann

Sun Path House by Christian Wassmann

Architects: Christian Wassmann
Location: Miami Beach, Florida, USA
Year: 2015
Area: 3.000 sqft / 279 sqm
Photo courtesy: Todd Eberle , Courtesy of Christian Wassmann, Casey Kelbaugh

Studio Christian Wassmann and restaurateur Frank Prisinzano are satisfied to report the opening of the Sun Path House in Miami Beach, Florida. The house, a solid structure in dialog with a 1930s cottage, utilizes the sun and as the focal figure in the encouraging of essentialness and soundness of the tenants.

© Todd Eberle

Outlined by Christian Wassmann, the Sun Path House is a three-story expansion that turns into another focus of living. Making an open space between the first structure and the new expansion, a far reaching kitchen serves as a spatial association for the first house while additionally giving a space of cooperation to the proprietor and his visitors. Behind the cottage stands an ostensibly spiraling divider with three levels. It is at the same time basic, practical, and sculptural, and it serves as the spine of the undertaking.

© Casey Kelbaugh

At the highest point of the building is a solarium, the heart of the Sun Path House, where the bended divider at its cliff maps the way of the sun on the late spring’s solstice. Amid this section, the sun’s beams reflect off the divider onto the surface of the deck.

© Casey Kelbaugh

Simultaneously, the divider hinders the wind, giving a feeling of quiet for the client. It arrives that one can discover isolation amongst the normal components. This symptomatic experience under the open sky is free of the invasions of details. Right now, the client can distinguish an affair that is particular from the trite. The highlighted association with the universe gets to be extraordinary.

© Todd Eberle

Underneath, the vine-secured main room on the second floor, the bended divider encompasses a round bed, while concealing an open restroom on the posterior. On the open ground level, the bended divider contains an extensive round feasting table with an implicit seat that offers direct sight lines into the first home. The type of the Sun Path House is a consequence of a dialog with the first house and the universe.

© Todd Eberle

The top edge of the bended divider is pivoted 11.25o in appreciation to the current building and the site lines to face north. Amidst the divider inside the main room, the divider’s shape is parallel to the current house. On the ground floor the bend is 11.25o towards the center of the patio nursery. The revolution purpose of this 22.5o turn is inside the vent of a pizza broiler, which is in the focal point of the staircase prompting the sun.

© Todd Eberle

© Todd Eberle

© Todd Eberle

© Christian Wassmann

© Casey Kelbaugh

© Christian Wassmann

© Christian Wassmann

© Todd Eberle

© Christian Wassmann

© Todd Eberle

© Todd Eberle

First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

Roof Plan



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