Steel structures and L-shape sliding glass doors with other modern features define this Taipei City apartment

Steel structures and L-shape sliding glass doors with other modern features define this Taipei City apartment

Architects: Create + Think Design Studio
Location: Taipei City, Taiwan
Year: 2013
Area: 2.497 ft²/ 232 m²
Photo courtesy: Figure x Lee Kuo-Min Studio

“Desirably situated in proximity to Keelung River and a small park directly in front, the property is enveloped on two sides by an L-shape sliding glass doors, with a balcony to enjoy the view of Keelung River in the distance or the greenery of the park down below.


As the total floor plan resembles approximately a perfect square, the long wood cabinet transfigures this single space from one to three distinctive sections: the relaxation space wrapped by the sliding doors, the sleeping quarter of master and guest bedroom, and the culinary area of kitchen and wine cellar.



Lounging in front of the cabinet structure and facing out toward the glass doors, this space of relaxation is encased, like a box full of surprises, by concrete ceiling and floor. Serving as the main visual focus and a contrast in texture, the upside down U-shaped stainless-steel central island adds cool sexiness to the warmth from the grain pattern of the cabinetry. The warmth of the wood stretches from the entrance to the reading area.


As the steel structure expands into an elongated bar, the doors of the cabinetry open in various ways to reveal the multi functions hidden behind, such as music equipment, wine storage, espresso machine, and light faire food preparation counter.


The steel structure links the three sub-sectors of the relaxation space: living room, dining area, and reading area, which is partitioned with metal frame accordion glass doors. When closed, the reading area is a distinct and separate section off the relaxation space. When opened, the entire space becomes a great room, connecting with the greenery outside through the L-shaped sliding glass doors.


It is a place of exuberance where the host, with his friends and family, can enjoy exquisite food and fine wine. This concrete box reflects and records the moments of living.


The media center cleverly separates the bed and closet in the master bedroom. Wood element fuses the bathroom with the sleeping area, yet the clear glass subtly divides the different functionalities. The combination of classic footing of the tub, rugged masonry counter, and the Roman X desk legs creates an aura of Tuscan villa.


The culinary area is as pristine as the kitchen of a three-star Michelin restaurant, further enhanced with an oval table made from solid wood and a wine cellar containing the owner’s immaculate wine collection. When the owner hosts a party, sumptuous banquets and luscious wines flow from here into the concrete box. Ces’t la vie!”

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