S House Interior by Tanju Özelgin

S House Interior by Tanju Özelgin

Architects: Tanju Özelgin
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Year: 2011
Area: 4.300 sqft
Photo courtesy: Tanju Özelgin

Çubuklu Valley is a private advancement situated in a forested region of the locale of Beykoz in the northern Bosphorus territory of Istanbul. This improvement highlights a gathering of current homes planned by Istanbul rehearse Emre Arolat Architects in 2006 coordinated into the uneven scenes of this rural region. Thusly, the Cubuklu Valley undertaking is an imperative illustration of a gated group that has turned into a well known private typology in Istanbul’s urban development. As opposed to a considerable lot of the tasks in this rural zone utilizing conventional outline styles, the Cubuklu Valley configuration is an unequivocally advanced and contemporary translation of the rural house and plant sort.


The configuration of the insides of these homes was left to the individual proprietors activities. A standout amongst the most unique of these was the configuration for the S House by the Istanbul-based item and inside architect Tanju Özelgin in 2011. Özelgin known for his basic and direct way to deal with space, shape and outline in the inside for the S House amicably consolidated the characteristic setting with the proprietor’s cosmopolitan way of life. The straightforward, unadulterated and utilitarian building style in this habitation planned by Özelgin, embraces Emre Arolat’s Çubuklu Valley’s unique structural idea of spaces interfacing with nature facilitating it through a methodology of utilizing characteristic stone and wood compositions making the insides an expansion of the indigenous habitat.


The S House comprises of around 400m2 of inside space and 480m2 of scene and garden range. The proprietor’s desire for the inside configuration was for a current look coordinating common components around light conditioned living spaces. Present day comforts and home advances would should be quietly weaved into the insides to make a cosmopolitan urban setting.


Because of the plot arranged on a slanted territory, the passageway to the house is situated in the top floor and in accordance with the customer’s request; each floor was planned with an alternate idea. At the passage floor, three rooms were asked for, one of them for the proprietor. The center floor comprises of a kitchen that serves the whole house, though the ground floor is considered as a day by day living territory outfitted with electronic gear, a steam room and a sauna as required in the customer brief.


Rooms, situated on the passage floor according to the proprietor’s brief, are isolated and segregated from the passageway by utilizing sliding entryways. Situated at the passageway floor, visitor rooms were composed to address every one of guests’ issues and furthermore one of the rooms was likewise imagined as a study zone. A standout amongst the most momentous points of interest on the top floor is the dressing work area, which situated amidst the room, is encased with a light tulle shade. Along these lines, the dressing solid shape is lit with the common daylight originating from the outside while the requirement for manufactured lighting is decreased to a base and coordinated with the regular habitat. This idea is proceeded in the shower and washbasin spaces by utilizing considerably obscure and penetrable materials, picking up the most extreme advantage of daylight.


All in all the center floor is composed in a more vigorous methodology than alternate spaces because of the utilization of consistent common surfaces. The dividers are secured with regular stone tiles isolating the kitchen from the family room, concealing the kitchen without hindering the smoothness between the two volumes. Similarly as with the top floor, a sliding entryway is likewise utilized as a part of the passageway of the lounge room, confining the room from the lift and stairwell spaces. The ground floor of the house is composed as a patio nursery floor that opens to the poolside outside living territories. There are three distinct elements of this floor; TV and film units at one side, bookshelf and eating table in the center. Steam room, sauna, whirlpool shower and shower additionally situated on this floor. These spaces are isolated from alternate volumes with tulle draperies and sliding glass entryways.


One of most striking qualities of the S House inside outline by Tanju Özelgin is the means by which it mirrors the vitality of the encompassing indigenous habitat inside of the house through a mix of stone and wood surfaces. Huge numbers of the points of interest all through the living spaces bolster this configuration approach concentrated on characteristic surfaces. The common stone material utilized on either the floor or dividers of the rooms, bathrooms, showers, kitchen and corridors finishes the comprehensive unadulterated and light shading palette of the house. In different ranges this stone treatment empowers nature to have a vicinity particularly in the greenery enclosure floor going about as an augmentation of the patio nursery. The sandblasted surfaces of the Gray Line marble from Italy are dealt with to keep the stone from changing its unique shading. Particularly in the restroom and shower zones, the characteristic stone surfaces in 60 x 60 cm and 80 x 80 cm marble boards proceed from the beginning the dividers to give the material a three dimensional impact reinforcing the sentiment the solidarity of the inside with the outside environment.


Another material example adds to this inclination are the round common stones that sit in a bed under the open-ventured staircase. These little round stones make a natural, common feeling in the house, an untouched domain that is an augmentation of the patio nursery into the house. Rather than encompassing the sides of the bed of stones with cement, Tanju Özelgin underscored the inclination that nature is saturating the insides with composition and profundity by an utilizing an enormous cut wood board on the back divider. This wood board gives a dim and hotter complexity to the hard stone surfaces. Similarly, wood is additionally utilized as deck as a part of the greenery enclosure and pool and in present in the materials for the feasting table. Wood surfaces in the rooms and lounge room as oak covered deck are likewise proceeded into the greenhouse. Comparable regular materials supplement one another in blends of stone and wood compositions all through the outline, their configuration character and vitality getting from the common habitat that is available all through the insides. In general there is a concordance of geometry and materials that makes the setting a peaceful, quiet or more tuned in to the way of its environment.


The lighting course of action outlined all through the house is adjusted with the materials and surfaces. Manufactured lighting was utilized by implication to keep the quiet and nonpartisan climate in a large portion of the spaces. However when lighting show units were included as outline questions, an immediate lighting component was picked. Along these lines, the air in the living territories is for the most part diminish, with just particular focuses where it is diverted into light specialties and specific regions.


The S House inside configuration in Çubuklu Valley by Tanju Özelgin’s uses stone surfaces, lighting and a progressed masterful sensibility to make a cutting edge and unmistakable inside outline style. The setting in the timberlands of Istanbul gives the originator the chance to make a space for living tuned in to nature yet with a noble way of life goals of the customer. Özelgin known for his unpretentious treatment of space has in this inside cutting edge his outline tasteful into an inconspicuous combination of nature and structure.

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