House Roces by Architectuurburo Govaert & Vanhoutte

House Roces by Architectuurburo Govaert & Vanhoutte

Architects: Architectuurburo Govaert & Vanhoutte
Location: Bruges, Belgium
Area: 5,726 sqft
Photo courtesy: Tim Van de Velde

Manor Roces is coordinated in an elongated landscape of around 70m long and 30m wide, arranged in the woods surroundings of Bruges. The idea comprises of a 50 m long and a 4.20 m high wooden divider flanking 6 m wide glass box is arranged.


The house is assembled along a divider with the goal to meet the absence of light and mirror the vicinity of the woods, the verticality of the trees, and so on. The 54m long divider capacities as a foundation for the transparant volume in front. The divider is noticeable at the outside, as well as persistently obvious at within.


As the straightforward volume is considered as a case, within space is filled in with unmistakably characterized boxes and volumes and consolidate the basic components.


The glass box is indented at three sides:

  • One to offer access to the underground stopping place.
  • One to add to the half underground swimming pool.
  • What’s more, one to give access, at the rear of the house, to the main room and add washroom.


The plan concept is very simple:

  • On the level of the greenhouse there is the wage, kitchen, lounge area and chimney arranged. The kitchen can be isolated from lounge area with a major sliding entryway.
  • The room area of the youngsters and the main room are arranged one over the other and put in split-level with the front room which has one and a half tallness.
  • Before the main room we have an auxiliary living room which spatial makes the change to the took care of levels.
  • A slant guarantuees the association between the front room and the room segment of the kids.
  • By taking care of the clarified levels and statures we could keep up a persistently even box which was of principle significance to be placed as opposed to the verticality of the trees.
  • Under the front room and kitchen is the underground stopping arranged. To put this underground was likewise of principle significance to diminish the construct volume over the ground level, this in connection to the expendable space and give the house the visual impression of a major structure.

House-Roces-03-1 House-Roces-03 House-Roces-04-1 House-Roces-04 House-Roces-05-2 House-Roces-05 House-Roces-06-0-1 House-Roces-06-0 House-Roces-06-1 House-Roces-06 House-Roces-07-1 House-Roces-07-2 House-Roces-07 House-Roces-09-1 House-Roces-09 House-Roces-10-1 House-Roces-10 House-Roces-11 House-Roces-12-1 House-Roces-12 House-Roces-13 House-Roces-14 House-Roces-16 House-Roces-17 House-Roces-18 House-Roces-20 House-Roces-21 House-Roces-22 House-Roces-23

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