Terraced House in Casavells by 05 AM Arquitectura

Terraced House in Casavells by 05 AM Arquitectura

Architects: 05 AM Arquitectura
Location: Girona, Spain
Photo courtesy: José Hevia

This terraced house is situated in a long and contract plot arranged on the edge of a little town. The house has a stand out from both open sides, toward the north the old town with tight roads of stone. Furthermore, toward the south the patio nursery, the pool, the sun and the scene.


Access is conceivable through the two veneers at diverse levels, however is generally finished with the auto through the south exterior.


The house has an indented level in the middles of the ground floor to have a superior connection with the patio nursery and the scene, and the rooftop is divided to let the regular light go through the diverse levels of the ground and the roof, we unmistakably distinguish the individual character and volume of every space with an alternate use, with an open space constantly radiant and connected to the scene.


On the lower ground floor we needed to determine the standard access to lodging with the auto, so we proposed to have a space with a bigger number of qualities than a carport with a dull foundation. It is a transitional space in the middle of inside and outside of the house, a limit where they can create elective uses for the space.


With the intend to permit a decent connection between diverse spaces, we set in the center space on a moderate level between the cellar and the fundamental floor. It’s the spot of recreation and study, as a typical space where we put the library, a work area, and cheap seats with the reason for being a play area zone for kids, a meeting space or a home silver screen.


The principle floor is an one of a kind space, with a vast opening at its southern end. From this level we can see the multifunctional space of the section and the greenery enclosure through the studio situated at a moderate level. In this floor we have the fundamental uses, the kitchen, the front room and the porch. What’s more, in the north side additionally we have the section from the town road.


On the first floor where we have the rooms, a section breaks it into three, leaving two open holes between them that permit the entry of the overhead light to the ground floor. These three sections are set at diverse statures to qualify and characterize spatially the distinctive uses that are situated on the lower floor.


It is a house that gives answers for the conditions and exploits the advantages of its area, making a lovely indoor space with numerous potential outcomes of utilization, and approaches to associate and qualify the spaces.

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