Five Ways to Spruce Up Your Apartment Workspace in 2023

Five Ways to Spruce Up Your Apartment Workspace in 2023

The work-from-home lifestyle is on the rise in 2023. Even though some companies have considered asking their employees to return to the office, most businesses know that workers prefer the flexibility of at least partial remote working. Perhaps you have landed a job that allows you to work partially or entirely from home, or you have moved to a new living space where you still need to set up your home office. Rather than trying to work a full-time job from your couch or kitchen, we have several tips that will help you transform your apartment into a fully-functional and productive workspace this year. Below are five ways to spruce up your apartment workspace in 2023.

1. Finding the right space

Before you do any design planning or furniture buying, pick the ideal apartment for a work-from-home lifestyle. There are many outstanding apartments for rent in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and similar cities where many companies encourage their employees to work remotely.

An apartment where you will live, enjoy yourself, and work most days should be spacious enough to accommodate such activity. If you share the apartment with a roommate or partner, having enough space is even more relevant. What if there are days when you both have to work remotely? Choose an apartment where you would not get in each other’s way.

2. Standing desks

Desks that can be adjusted for both sitting and standing are so helpful when you are working remotely. Sitting on a chair eight to ten hours a day is unsuitable for your posture and health, especially as you will be even more passive than when you commute to and from the office.

A standing desk ensures you can complete much work while remaining active and mobile. It encourages you to be sharper and allows you to work with better posture unconsciously. After five or ten minutes typing away on your keyboard, you can easily and naturally transition into a short break walking around the room. You are much more likely to take those steps if you are already standing instead of sitting on a comfortable office chair.

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3. Minimalism always wins

Keep your desk area as clutter-free as possible. Invest in a table with cabinets and drawers, as that will allow you to keep any work-related items and accessories hidden when they are unused. Many people end up clutching all their work papers and materials on their desks, which can make an already limited workspace seem even more disorganized and not conducive to productivity.

Your desk should have a computer monitor or laptop, keyboard, mouse, and only the paperwork you are currently using. Everything else should be put away in its proper place. Such a system also ensures that your living space feels like something other than a glorified office when you clock out for the day.

4. Let the light in

One of the best ways to remain motivated, happy, and comfortable during the workday at home is by letting in plenty of natural light. Invest in curtains that can move to the sides and tie into position, ensuring all the light can come through your windows.

Another way to embrace sunlight when working remotely is to position your desk to face the window when you work. Such an arrangement accomplishes two goals: it prevents sunlight glare from impacting your monitor or laptop screen and allows you to bask in the glorious sunshine while you work.

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5. Switch it up

Working in the same position five days a week can become monotonous and dull. If you need to be more energized by your workspace, try switching up the room in your apartment from where you work. You can spend a day working from your kitchen table or even your bedroom. While these spaces are not ideal for being your permanent home office, they can make for a fun change of pace one or two times a month.

Working from home is a privilege that makes most people’s lives more prosperous and fulfilling. Rather than wasting time commuting to and from work and having to refocus each time, someone interrupts your train of thought to chit-chat, you can get so much done during work hours at home.

The only downside to working from home for some people is that their living space may need to be more conducive to focus and productivity. Rather than sitting on your bed with a laptop for eight hours a day, five days a week, our tips will ensure you have the ideal work-from-home space.

Not only will you be more comfortable during your shifts, but you will also be one of the most productive employees at your company. We hope that these five ways to spruce up your apartment workspace will increase your productivity and quality of working living balance.

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