Bakery in Madrid with stunning 12,000 Pink-Painted Wooden Sticks Ceiling by Ideo arquitectura

Bakery in Madrid with stunning 12,000 Pink-Painted Wooden Sticks Ceiling by Ideo arquitectura

Architects: Ideo arquitectura
Location: Madrid, Spain
Year: 2015
Area: 592 ft²/ 55 m²
Photo courtesy: Imagen Subliminal

This project comprises of another outline of a third pastry kitchen in Madrid which makes bread and cakes. The customer trusts that each pastry shop ought to be one of a kind and distinctive to alternate ones and the main particular configuration solicitation is the utilization of their coorporate shading, the fuchsia.


The building is situated in the memorable focal point of the town of Alcala de Henares. The bread shop is on a ground floor of a fascinating notable building. When we destroyed the inner dividers and tidied up the façade, we understood that we didn’t need to concoct that much. With their History, the current block dividers talked independent from anyone else giving the space a colossal identity.


Keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish a contemporary configuration, which was our starting target, we needed to discover a component with a solid character that would contend with the consistency of the 150-year-old-encircled dividers without overshadowing them. In this way we made a creative establishment: more than 12.000 wooden red sticks that are swinging from the roof. This establishment attracks everybody’s looks !


What’s more, than planner and fashioner, Virginia del Barco, has composed the lighting, a part of the furniture, similar to the seats, the stools, the racks, the bartop, the whiteboards, the light boxes in the façades, and so on. On the photos, you can welcome the distinctive subtle elements of the claddings, and in addition the excellent microcement asphalts which gives the space a refined style.

bakery-madrid-stunning-12000-pink-painted-wooden-sticks-ceiling-ideo-arquitectura-04 bakery-madrid-stunning-12000-pink-painted-wooden-sticks-ceiling-ideo-arquitectura-05 bakery-madrid-stunning-12000-pink-painted-wooden-sticks-ceiling-ideo-arquitectura-06 bakery-madrid-stunning-12000-pink-painted-wooden-sticks-ceiling-ideo-arquitectura-07 bakery-madrid-stunning-12000-pink-painted-wooden-sticks-ceiling-ideo-arquitectura-08 bakery-madrid-stunning-12000-pink-painted-wooden-sticks-ceiling-ideo-arquitectura-09 bakery-madrid-stunning-12000-pink-painted-wooden-sticks-ceiling-ideo-arquitectura-10 bakery-madrid-stunning-12000-pink-painted-wooden-sticks-ceiling-ideo-arquitectura-11 bakery-madrid-stunning-12000-pink-painted-wooden-sticks-ceiling-ideo-arquitectura-12 bakery-madrid-stunning-12000-pink-painted-wooden-sticks-ceiling-ideo-arquitectura-13 bakery-madrid-stunning-12000-pink-painted-wooden-sticks-ceiling-ideo-arquitectura-14 bakery-madrid-stunning-12000-pink-painted-wooden-sticks-ceiling-ideo-arquitectura-15 bakery-madrid-stunning-12000-pink-painted-wooden-sticks-ceiling-ideo-arquitectura-16 bakery-madrid-stunning-12000-pink-painted-wooden-sticks-ceiling-ideo-arquitectura-17 bakery-madrid-stunning-12000-pink-painted-wooden-sticks-ceiling-ideo-arquitectura-18 bakery-madrid-stunning-12000-pink-painted-wooden-sticks-ceiling-ideo-arquitectura-19 bakery-madrid-stunning-12000-pink-painted-wooden-sticks-ceiling-ideo-arquitectura-20

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