House in Camps Bay by Luis Mira Architects

House in Camps Bay by Luis Mira Architects

Architects: Luis Mira Architects
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Year: 2010
Area: 335 sqm
Photo courtesy: Wieland Gleich, Luis Mira Architects

The house is utilized as an occasion home by a solitary individual, who frequently welcomes visitor to sit tight. It should have been be a space that could be utilized as a controlled studio with the sentiment being open, and also to have the capacity to transform into private and individual spaces when the house is brimming with guests.


Our look is on the ‘land room’ of Camps Bay; the Atlantic Ocean, Lion’s Head and Table Mountain in the setting. The configuration goal is connected by surrounding perspectives towards the ocean (rooms) and opening up spaces (porches) to gaze toward the mountains.


The idea lays on making an inconspicuous voyage through the open spaces and through the inside that continually witnesses at the scene and converges inside of the Architecture that never uncover the whole building in one moment.


Keeping in mind the end goal to permit all rooms in the front of the house closeness to the ocean, and to bring outside air, light and dissemination into the back of the house, two glass walled patios were presented on the ground floor. One patio, assembled around the entry, join the rooms and the other one is fabricated inside the principle room as a feature of the en suite region. These two yards are intelligent of ocean perspectives.


The utilization of impartial and characteristic materials is the reaction to the yearning of bringing the outside inside, accomplished by standing out the abundant scene from the ‘clear canvas’ of the inside. A definitive idea of extravagance is the consistent augmenting and opening of within spaces to meet in full the exceptional and flawless South African atmosphere.

House-in-Camps-Bay-01-3 House-in-Camps-Bay-01-4 House-in-Camps-Bay-01-5-1 House-in-Camps-Bay-01-5 House-in-Camps-Bay-01-6 House-in-Camps-Bay-01-7 House-in-Camps-Bay-01-8 House-in-Camps-Bay-01 House-in-Camps-Bay-02 House-in-Camps-Bay-03-1 House-in-Camps-Bay-03 House-in-Camps-Bay-04 House-in-Camps-Bay-05 House-in-Camps-Bay-06-0 House-in-Camps-Bay-06-1 House-in-Camps-Bay-07 House-in-Camps-Bay-21 House-in-Camps-Bay-22 House-in-Camps-Bay-23 House-in-Camps-Bay-24

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