Aldeia 082 House by Dayala + Rafael Arquitetura

Aldeia 082 House by Dayala + Rafael Arquitetura

Location: Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil
Year: 2011
Area: 4,950 sqft
Photo courtesy: Leandro Moura

Signed by the Dayala+Rafael studio, the Aldeia 082 house, designed for a young couple with two small children, is located in a horizontal gated community with a strong ecological appeal and support for the sustainability of the constructions to be build. The 1350m2 lot chosen is of singular beauty an sits in front of several lakes and areas set aside for preserving native forests. The great challenge of the 460m2 construction was to provide the inhabitants maximum integration with the landscape , without relinquishing their privacy. This was achieved by using the natural slope of the lot and installation of a leisure area on an elevated plateau, 4 meters above street level.


The social sector communicates with the beautiful landscape through enormous glass areas, with 6 meter high aluminum doors that permit the total opening of the front facade. The large vertical plane of concrete helps protect against the sun during periods with greatest sunlight. The glass used has internal film that mitigates the passage of heat. Motorized roller curtains provide privacy to the owners during more intimate family moments.

Aldeia-082-House-02-1 Aldeia-082-House-02 Aldeia-082-House-03-1 Aldeia-082-House-03 Aldeia-082-House-04 Aldeia-082-House-06 Aldeia-082-House-07 Aldeia-082-House-08 Aldeia-082-House-09 Aldeia-082-House-10 Aldeia-082-House-11

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